It’s not accurate to say that FSM attracts intelligent followers

Published October 22nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

It’s not accurate to say that FSM attracts intelligent followers by its nature. Genuinely intelligent people don’t have time for the joke, so what we get is people who know nothing and want a place to mock religion, as well as people who have read up a bit on evolution or have read up on Dawkins and have a few points on which they can argue.


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  1. nikkiee says:

    “Education is no indication of intelligence – you can be dead smart without one.”
    Something I always quoted when people said “you must be smart to be going to uni”
    I also informed them that what was most demanded in studying for a degree was interest, time and effort. But if you really wanted to, yu could get past with time and effort.

    “Some of the most intelligent people I personally know didn’t – they got on with becoming millionaires instead.”
    I agree. The flip side is, while they aren’t the majority, I’ve really had to wonder how some students got into uni in the first place, let alone walked out with a degree.

  2. Martien says:

    Thank you for pointing us in the right direction, Don Lardini.
    Pass the sauce and reaffirm the holy experience of being touched by his noodly appendages.

    More beer.

  3. The Aussie says:

    I’m drawn once more to consider a Larson comic, posted by someone oh so central to this argument.

  4. One Eyed Jack says:

    Not really dead on topic here, but we’re talking about intelligence, so I thought I would paste this link from one of my other favorite sites, Phil Plait’s “Bad Astronomy”. It appears science is once again on notice from the Catholic Church:
    I truly love Phil’s last two paragraphs. It’s amazing how often religous pundits fail to notice the irony in their own statements.

  5. Ketchup says:

    Some of the wittiest, most genuinely funny people I know have PhDs in Math, Physics and Computer Science (generally considered signs of intelligence). The reverse also seems to hold true, as all those people with PhDs that I know are almost universally possessed of sharp wit and good sense of humor.

    Personally, I think you have to be at least reasonably intelligent to appreciate the humor of FSM. Ramen, intelligent brothers.

  6. The Aker says:

    The entire point of these intellectuals endorsing the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not to prove that he exists, but that if an omnipotent being exists, it is just as accurate to call it “god” as it is to call it “Flying Spaghetti Monster”. And as to the whole anti-humor campaign, you can either live life taking it seriously and focusing on the negatives, or its possible to try to help people via science and still get a good laugh out of it before you die. Personally, I know which I choose.

  7. Phil Plait says:

    First, thanks for the link, One-Eyed-Jack!

    Second, I’m not bragging or nothing, but I’m kinda smart. And I do get FSM. Maybe my intelligence isn’t genuine, though. Could I be a knock-off intellectual? That would suck.

  8. Zen says:

    @ -f

    For someone who obviously considers themselves to be of far greater intelligence than the rest of us, I notice that you seem to be spending an awful lot of time on here – in fact far more time than I do. Please tell us, who are you trying to convince with your “intelligence” – us…or yourself? We understand if you don’t the joke – and apprantly you don’t. Or at least if you do get the joke, you have to learn how to take one. So please, join us in thriving from His Noodley Appendage, if you choose not to, it’s your choice, but why waste your “intelligence” on something you seem to find so dumb and mundane?

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