It’s not accurate to say that FSM attracts intelligent followers

Published October 22nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

It’s not accurate to say that FSM attracts intelligent followers by its nature. Genuinely intelligent people don’t have time for the joke, so what we get is people who know nothing and want a place to mock religion, as well as people who have read up a bit on evolution or have read up on Dawkins and have a few points on which they can argue.


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  1. Wednesday says:

    Uh so intelligent people can’t have a laugh?
    It attracts people as any other religeons do just people here and there…
    Who the fuck says because you inteligent you have to use your brain properly! I mean hell I know that I can do some amazing art but I sit and waste my time on the internet.
    Just because your ‘intelligent’ it does not mean you know how to use it properly.
    For goodness ake if you had that much intelligence and you couldn’t let a little out on a luagh you would truly implode.

    -Just a little silly girl laughing at a serious little person

  2. the spaghetti carbon dude says:

    O! I see now, I have been so stupid all my life, damn. I can’t be a cleaver person because I have sense of humour. I mean sense of humour (time for a joke) is clearly a limiting factor of intelligence. Its just silly to suggest that any one who has ever spent a second of there life finding something amusing could be inelegant. They should just spend there time being inelegant, not doing anything light hearted. Naturally I can not form any of my own opinions, I have merely read up on Dawkins and Darwin (who clearly spends his time preaching that FSM is god) and have never formulated my own opinions on religion. No! I haven’t!

  3. Earthbreaker says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that ALL pastasfarians are intelligent, because there are always some slow-coaches in the mix somewhere, people don’t become pastafarians quite for that reason.

    People become pastafarians because the intent of every aspect of pastafarianism aims at being positive. It encourages tolerance, goodwill, dressing up like a pirate to please his noodliness (and because it is so damn fun!), preaches of a delightful sounding heaven and encourages that the deity is one that just wants to be happy with his people.

    You don’t need to be intelligent to be pastafarian, but I assure you that you don’t have to be stupid either. That’s not the point.

  4. joe says:

    f said “First of all, those aren’t the rule. They are the exception. Thus the special section devoted to them under “Academic Endorsements.” Are we reading the same forums here? Tell me they are not full of morons.
    Second, what is their PhD in? Chemistry? English Lit? Their expertise is narrow. They know the subject of their thesis quite well. Nobody can legitimately question that. But in a discussion about religion, their opinion is no more enlightened, no more informed, and no more valuable than yours, piratey joe.
    If you had a seven year attention span, you too could have a PhD in any subject you choose. And unless your chosen subject was directly related, you would still have nothing to tell me about religion and your endorsement would be as useless then as it is now.

    It may have been said before but (to quote dawkin’s uni proffessor on theology) “I have grave doubt to whether it is actually a subject”

  5. the random frog says:

    are you saying intelligent people never laugh?

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