It’s not accurate to say that FSM attracts intelligent followers

Published October 22nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

It’s not accurate to say that FSM attracts intelligent followers by its nature. Genuinely intelligent people don’t have time for the joke, so what we get is people who know nothing and want a place to mock religion, as well as people who have read up a bit on evolution or have read up on Dawkins and have a few points on which they can argue.


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  1. Leaper says:

    I agree. It attracts people that have exactly the same intelligence as every other religion. People who have exactly the same knowledge base and are as informed as members of every other religion.

    On a lighter note, I have taken up pastafarianism in the hope that through communing with the great FSM he will let me not be touched by his noodly appendage as I jump from airplanes. Thus when I am skydiving I can one day do so without a parachute, once HE feels that I have sufficient faith. I plan to spread the word of FSM to all of the other skydivers at the local dropzone so that they can help me to convince HIM to help us with his noodly appendage during our “intelligent falling” episodes.

  2. Leaper says:

    Of course, I doubt many people of other Religious beliefs would be willing to take that Leap of Faith… Maybe their belief in their God just isn’t as strong as they say. I say they should prove it.

  3. God says:

    well, pastafarians basically can all read, write (type at least) and use computers. They also have an understanding of satire. Where as there are many, many people from other religions which cannot do (any/all of) the above, so i would guess the average intellegence is, infact, higher.

  4. Genius overlord says:

    I actually conducted a poll regarding belief in a God on the MENSA forums (gotta be a member to see)

    Around 56% claim a disbelief in gods

    And deducing from other posts the majority of the remaining 44% believe in god in a very nebulous non religiously defined way… So there is most certainly a correlation between IQ and religiosity.

    (and lets not get in to my IQ :) )

    Viva FSM

  5. Navigator Spider says:

    “Dr. Michael Martin Nov 21st, 2006 at 2:12 pm

    Dawkins who?”
    And you claim to be a Dr? I think you should check your foot for bullet holes…

  6. Homo narrans says:

    Don’t bring up the Doktor again, spider, speaking his name may cause him to manifest!

  7. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Oh dear! Both the BLR and the dokta have been mentioned on threads in the past 12hrs or so. That can’t bode well at all. :(

  8. Homo narrans says:

    We are…surrounded with…signs and portents…

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