It’s not accurate to say that FSM attracts intelligent followers

Published October 22nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

It’s not accurate to say that FSM attracts intelligent followers by its nature. Genuinely intelligent people don’t have time for the joke, so what we get is people who know nothing and want a place to mock religion, as well as people who have read up a bit on evolution or have read up on Dawkins and have a few points on which they can argue.


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  1. Beatgrinder says:

    “He” would beg to differ with your mentally narcissistic post. All well-balanced human beings need relief through humor to cope with the absurdities of life. The Noodley One has bathed me in his warm glowing warming-glow.

  2. piratey joe says:

    Mark Zurbuchen, Ph.D.
    J. Simon, PhD
    Professor Douglas Shaw, Ph.D
    Notice a pattern, all have endorsed Pastafarianism and all have P.H.D.s. Does a P.H.D. require intelligence. I can’t remember after all the bible reading’s.

  3. blubbery joe says:

    yes and christianity attracts many intelligent folk. the three wise men were classified as intelligent, and they say they were guided by a star. that is the stupidest thing i’v ever heard. and god impregnating a random woman!!!! was it his great plan, or was it a drunken night out on the town. plus jesus’ deciples all ditched him, he obviously wasnt as pleasant to be around as the great noodly one. i mean, he gives away free meatball. the roman catholics seemed like a clever lot until rome was sacked. and now the pope is a nazi!! if i was him i wouldn’t quote any more anti-muslim texts. and the priests that you hire, they should stop feeling up little boys.

    blubbery joe

  4. -f says:

    First of all, those aren’t the rule. They are the exception. Thus the special section devoted to them under “Academic Endorsements.” Are we reading the same forums here? Tell me they are not full of morons.
    Second, what is their PhD in? Chemistry? English Lit? Their expertise is narrow. They know the subject of their thesis quite well. Nobody can legitimately question that. But in a discussion about religion, their opinion is no more enlightened, no more informed, and no more valuable than yours, piratey joe.
    If you had a seven year attention span, you too could have a PhD in any subject you choose. And unless your chosen subject was directly related, you would still have nothing to tell me about religion and your endorsement would be as useless then as it is now.

  5. -f says:

    Ex. blubbery joe
    See what I mean?

  6. nikkiee says:

    “…….Genuinely intelligent people don’t have time for the joke…….”
    Ha ha ha haa ha ha :) :) :) :p

  7. RAT says:

    Does artificial intelligence have a sense of humor?

  8. pasta chef says:

    Do you have a seven Year attention span then you can leave us alone for seven years as you get a P.H.D in fucking your self. If you have the time to sit here and reply to your own posts. You obviously are an idiot. I agree with both joes, both blubbery and piratey.

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