fsm sighting

Published October 31st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

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  1. 3_of_8 says:

    Nice. A sighting of our God in Germany.

    And no matter what the others say: Our God is the coolest and most edible one.

  2. saint wubbles the magnificent says:

    arrg! say i.
    our god certainly has the biggest balls!

  3. ??? says:


    Who said I believe in any ”God”?

  4. Somebody12314323421 says:

    Are you crazy?!?!?!
    You only have a video and we do not know if it is a balloon or spaggeti crap. What’s next?

    Flying Spaghetti Messiah or Flying Spaghetti Devil with Kechup

  5. Booty says:

    You’ll be telling me Angel Food Cake isn’t real next!

  6. Rodger the cabin boy says:

    ‘Are you crazy?!?!?! You only have a video and we do not know if it is a balloon or spaggeti crap.’
    Well a video is more than most religions have to go on, and have you not seen our other evidence such as the graph.

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  8. Anonymous 1889 says:

    Certainly alot of you are willing to argue, I believe every religion should be on it’s own, not for some stupid people like you to argue about it, let everyone have their own religion with their own faith because it all comes back to this: There is only one God in this universe. Researchers have claimed that there is a belief that the world was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but still I don’t believe this video, it may have been a balloon that moves around, everything is possible so believe me there is no need for alot of you to be arguing this way. Therefore, let everyone stay with their own religion and their own beliefs because you cannot force someone to convert to another religion nor can you keep saying “Our God is better than yours”, it’s all rubbish. We have Catoliticism, Christianity, Islam, Pastafarianism etc.. however, each religion has it’s own beliefs with it’s own followers and this ignorant way of comparing God’s is unacceptable. Have fun arguing while I eat my Swedish Meatballs, Bon appetite!

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