FSM Pumpkin Contest 2006

Published October 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I’ve decided to have an FSM pumpkin carving contest for Halloween this year. The winner will receive $500 – and possibly more if I can get some donations, or if the contest causes merchandise sales to rise.


Anyone can enter, as many times as you like, and the contest will run until Nov 20th. (Last year I received FSM pumpkin pictures well into November).

To enter the contest, you can use this form or email me.

The winner will be chosen by the viewing public. Voting is already enabled, so you’ll want to enter as soon as possible.There are almost no limitations. Vote as many times as you like, but only one vote per IP Address will be recorded. But, you’re more than welcome to get everyone you know to vote for your entry.

That’s it. All voting,etc, will take place here, at the FSM Pumpkin Contest 2006 page.

19 Responses to “FSM Pumpkin Contest 2006”

  1. Nico's grandmother says:

    You could keep the leftovers from Nico’s surgery and carve them…..

  2. henderob says:

    I purchased him replacements: https://www.venganza.org/contest/replacements.jpg

    He doesn’t understand now, but on thursday he’ll appreciate the irony, i think.

  3. gosjyvubtnc says:


    araijgvm jnaidac vmlvxxipwg vloqcnirvc …

  4. Cari's mom says:

    Oh, I kinda think that “appreciate” is too strong a term for any emotion he might feel, whether regarding irony or yours and Cari’s right to live. Good luck with that!

  5. SqrlWthANife says:

    Argh, I be carving a good ol’ pumpkin tonight I do believe. $500 is a mighty good reward, and I’m up to trying to get it.

  6. Zach says:

    Speaking of Halloween, I was thinking of spreading the word of the FSM during this year’s Ohio University Halloween activities. Is there standard drab, or is all open? I saw the guy dressed as a pirate, but I was thinking more along the lines of a Hari Krishna with really bad dreads…

  7. The Great and Powerful Oz says:

    Can I carve a honeydew melon instead? There are no pumpkins available where I live because it’s really hot.

    Can you enter more than once?

  8. Nandi vashishth says:

    form for childrens contest my roll no. is 1461965

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