FSM Protest In London

Published October 19th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson



I thought you’d like to see my pic of the FSM demo I held in Parliament Square (London). I’ve also sent you a copy of the pamphlet I made.

Perhaps a little background is in order.

In 2005, the British Government passed a law called the “Serious Organised Crime And Police Act” (SOCPA). Buried deep within new regulations dealing with money laundering etc was an additional, entirely unrelated provision that made it illegal to protest anywhere within 1 kilometre of Parliament without getting express permission from the Police a week before the protest (yup – protesting is a serious organised crime!). The rules were designed to get rid of a guy called Brian Haw, who has been protesting about Iraq (first sanctions against, and now the war) for 5 years non-stop (it hasn’t worked – he’s still there!).

Since the law came into force on August 1st 2005, people have been arrested AND convicted under SOCPA for such heinous crimes as standing at the Cenotaph (the UK’s national war memorial) reading the names of British soldiers killed in Iraq.

Under the principal of “defiance through compliance”, the 3rd Wednesday of every month has seen a series of Mass Lone Demonstrations against SOCPA. The idea is this: what if loads of protesters all turned up at the same time all wanting individual permission from the police to demonstrate? As the police can only really turn down an application on the grounds of public safety or public order, that means if 100 people turn up and apply for permission, then the unfortunate police have to license and approve 100 lone demonstrations. So we all troop down to Charing Cross police station a week before and apply. Come the 3rd Wednesday, we all meet in Parliament Square to demonstrate about – well whatever you feel like.


Last month I read in the paper that since the Creationists have had an arse whipping over “intelligent design” in US schools, they’ve turned their attentions to the UK, on account of we don’t have rules about the separation of church and state.

In September a creationist group calling themselves “Truth in Science” sent a pack to every secondary school (read ‘high school’ if you’re in the US) promoting the teaching of intelligent design as a counterpoint to the proven science of evolution, and including lesson plans and materials for GCSE students (GCSEs are the UK’s centralised secondary education school exit exams).

As it is just as important for UK students to learn about the Flying Spaghetti Monster alongside the scientific theory of evolution and non-scientific metaphysical ideas such as “Intelligent Design”, I figured I’d use my Mass Lone Demo for this month to spread the truth of His Noodliness to the people in and around Parliament Square.

It worked really well – I made an anglicised version of the FSM leaflet to distribute and stood by the gates of Parliament in full pirate dress extolling the virtues of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism. Mostly I got just smiles, but there were enough “yars” from people to make me think there are a lot of closet pirates in London. I even got some people to stop and listen to my brief description of the history of the Flying Spaghetti Monsterism, how the FSM created the world and why they should become pirates as well.


Jo Selwood

Attached: leaflet.pdf

Link to propaganda materials

81 Responses to “FSM Protest In London”

  1. pastaman says:

    Aww men, they doin’ it again?
    lets plunder em’!!!

  2. Uomo Felice Della Pasta says:

    One of the FAQs is;

    Why does the Truth In Science Board of Directors and Council of Reference include Ministers of Religion?

    I think I’ve made my point.

  3. Michael James Nock says:

    I’ll join the west wales chapter, Malthus. :)

  4. Sean Stayte says:

    Thanks for the leaflet you gave me! I had a good (but quiet ;) ) laugh on the train home.

    Good work telling the government where they can stick their protest ban too!

  5. Fera Festiva says:

    Arr! Well done on spreading the word (both FSM and the lone protest thing).

    I’m in Sussex too – Brighton to be exact – and originally from Cornwall, arguably the home of British piracy. So count me in for this UK church thingy.


  6. wtf? says:

    get the fuck outta here dressing up like a pirate is supposted to help eat shit you british bitch. by the way, no pirates dont cause global warming. there has always been a whole in the o-zone layer and the earth goes in 50 year cycles. for 50 years the earth heats up then the next 50 years the earth cools down. if you like to know where i got these FACTS feel free to e-mail me. that is something that is true, not the fact that insane british bastards that believe in a cult and dress up like pirates. what a joke.

    email: [email protected]

  7. dave says:

    Disillussioned fool you arr.

  8. dave says:

    Uhhh, that ^ was a response to this Mr. “wtf”

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