FSM Halloween Missionary

Published October 30th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Someone just sent me this video:

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  1. Carry says:

    Damn…ok, try this instead…


  2. Jingles (formerly The Aussie) says:

    @Carry… that is awesome… next step is to make one affixed to a skull and crossbones instead of a crucifix.

  3. A T H E I S T says:

    Pirate Nuns!


  4. Branded Cow says:

    @A T H E I S T
    Those nuns are awesome, its good to see that His Noodliness has infiltrated the Catholic church, even if it is photoshopped.

  5. Anna says:

    Okay, took my VERY slow computer 4 minutes to download that, but it was worth it ^_^
    And did anyone else dress up as pirate/FSM/both today? I did! So fUN!

  6. Hawk says:

    Pirate, just to do my part lowering global warming. It was rather cool today compared to yesterday, and I was no the only pirate walking around.

  7. John says:

    Hah! Someone just let me know this was up here. I am the maker of this FSM costume. Made out of flannel, paper mache, stuffing, and lots of hot glue and duct tape. =)

    I wanted to be FSM for ‘ween, and looked around and couldn’t find any good FSM costume pictures, so I just based it on the classic FSM photo, and tried to get as close as I could.

    Wore it both nights out in Madison; survived pretty well.


  8. johnstewart.com » Flying Spaghetti Monster Invades Madison says:

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