FSM Halloween Missionary

Published October 30th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Someone just sent me this video:

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  1. TrueBeliever says:

    where can i get a FSM costume? or do i have to make one? Im not very talented with a sewing machine or needles

  2. J says:

    Amazing, but – he’s scary! That is one *intense* Pastafarian look he gives the camera. Great beard, too.

  3. Pope Murgatroyd says:

    This is just a doctrinal question, really: Because of the importance of Pirate’s regalia in respectful behaviour toward the Great Noodly One, how GENUINE does Pirate’s regalia have to be? I would like to wear an eyepatch, but am unsure if that would be ungenuine and disrespectful unless I were actually blind in the covered eye. I hope you will be tolerant of a newbie’s question….

  4. Branded Cow says:

    That has gotta be worth 10 pirates.

  5. Gloves says:

    Awesome costume, how’d you make it?
    Enjoy your stripper factory and beer volcanoes.

  6. PirateyMorgan says:

    Best FSM costume I’ve ever seen! lol sweet

  7. pastaman says:

    i reaaaaally need one of those

  8. Carry says:

    Well, my costume wasn’t nearly as cool. But I was a nun with an FSM crucifix/rosary beads.


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