for my part, my christian beliefs

Published October 18th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

For my part, my Christian beliefs are almost entirely based on the eyewitness testimony of Paul the apostle. Why do I believe him? Well, for one thing – and it’s only one of my reasons – he seems sincere. And that’s something I can’t say about Pastafarians; they most certainly do not seem sincere. I know you won’t like that kind of evidence – eyewitness testimony I mean – because it demands a subjective judgment and is not easily amenable to scientific investigation. You can’t quantify sincerity. But we do make many important decisions based on this kind of evidence – whether to buy a certain product, who to vote for and who to trust. Members of a jury make life and death decisions based on such evidence. So it’s a kind of evidence we have to take seriously. Furthermore, the fact that Paul was killed because of the things he claimed to have seen seems to at least rule out the possibility that he was joking. So that’s some supporting evidence, again of a kind that Pastafarianism doesn’t have.

So I really can’t identify with people who see faith and evidence as opposites. For me, faith is not about believing something in the absence of evidence. Rather, it’s the judgment you make about the evidence you do have. It’s the risk you take after you’ve considered that evidence.

-a christian

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  1. jesus christ says:

    the cristian who wrote this hate letter is a dumbass. people should laugh the first second they see this person in public.

  2. Jack Sparrow says:

    @jesus christ,

    wow, you really think that!

    i think christian is probably the most intelligent “Hate-Mailer” there is to have ever visited this site.

  3. Young Boys Penis says:


  4. stop-smoking-with-prozac.1quitsmoking says:

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  5. Biswa ranjan nayak says:

    Dear sir
    I have read your the my part. my christian beliefs it is so good for me because I thing like that all christian is one family we are child of the Jesus christ
    I am indian people but no one like to the christian in the indian because
    all rae the hiunduand orther riligian
    we are fiu people but od every day with us
    I came fro the orissa it is the poor and reemond pleace and study beble
    and I have campelet my B T H and I have compelet B D and I study M D now
    please pray for me and sematime Idoing work undre the mision I have married person I have one son He has old 3yer
    please pray for me

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