Published October 11th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I respect your opinions about religion, whatever they are, but I don’t think it is a good idea to offend people and represent Michelangelo’s painting the way you do. I do think that respect and dialogue would be much better.


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  1. Chuck Norris says:

    Screw Pirate Laws! http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com

  2. J says:

    Did it *really* say: “hope you have really fucked children. God Bless”?
    Yikes! Headline: ‘God-fearing Anti-FSMist Endorses Predatory Paedophilia’.
    I’m telling you, keep your kids out of those churches.

  3. The Aussie says:

    surprise…. nope
    shock… not really
    reconfirming of current belief system… totally

  4. Starbuckaneer says:

    Enlightened: I was always intrigued by the “baby swap” at theme parks for the roller coaster rides… I am not a breeder, therefore I have no children… however… I was always curious what I could swap my baby for, if given the opportunity… like maybe a nice flat screen tv? Or a Gucci purse?

  5. nikkiee says:

    Yes. I believe it was directed at henderob.

    I just saw your fucking
    Published by henderob November 1st, 2005 in Hate Mail (and concerned criticism).
    ……….Hope you have the most fucked up life with your FSM beliving dumbass girlfriend that you get one day. MAYBE!! When that girl comes along and belives this shitn then she will be just as stupoid as your ass. Have a good day and hope that you have really fucked up kids. God Bless!
    – sherlet davis

    I believe this may have been one of Aussies favourites as well. It was pretty stupoid.
    Quite the Linda Blair (Excorcist) type our sherlet.


  6. nikkiee says:

    “Grandchildren are gods reward for not killing your kids”

  7. The Aussie says:

    You know me too well, nikkiee :p

  8. Dunc says:

    If people take offence then surely it is they who are narrow minded and unable to “live and let live” something I believe Jesus was pretty cool about…

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