Published October 11th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I respect your opinions about religion, whatever they are, but I don’t think it is a good idea to offend people and represent Michelangelo’s painting the way you do. I do think that respect and dialogue would be much better.


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  1. St John the Blasphemist says:

    Does M. send complaints to John Cleese, et al whenever he sees the opening credits for anything by Monty Python? Gee I bet Michelangelo really gets pissed off about them ‘representing’ that foot. On the other hand, I doubt that he loses any sleep over it.

  2. ur mom says:

    seriously— what are u thinking????

    that is something that my brother would do!!!!! Not a GROWN Man- OR ARE YOU. I think that the whole thing is fraud. Even the scientists. If they are real, they must be mentals.

  3. Ian Barker says:

    I think if a Jesus Freak can successfully convince me that there is indeed a god, I will become Jewish.

    Hopefully they’ll be happy then.

  4. NowtheworldhasMeaning says:

    Ian Barker,

    Jewish is a great choice as Jesus (JC) himself was a Jew and so it must be the correct religion being the son of God and all he must have te inside knowledge.

    I have studied religion for a while now and never remember JC saying anything about a new religion called Christianity, again the son of God would obviously be privy to such information.

  5. Barley says:

    My online buddy Arthur Vandelay put me on to this site quite some time ago. I laughed till I cried! Isn’t the FSM’s wife the Flying Macaroni Monster, or is that just the fundies trying to make trouble?

  6. Barley says:

    Someone objected to the “travesty” of the Michaelangelo painting. There is nothing more objectionable than the arrogance and bigotry of the Christian right’s trying to dismantle the government and replace by a loopy interpretation of the New Testament and trying to ram their ideas down my throat — unless it’s the whole practice of proselytizing…

  7. TheSunIsATeacup says:

    “A good statue can be rolled downhill without damage.” – Michaelangelo

  8. More Squishy Than Smart says:

    My tribute to the FSM: http://www.geocities.com/deadmoosehead/FSVM.jpg

    It’s a “travesty” to history’s second-best satirist of religious fundamentalism garnished with the least Huntington-like Huntington I could find in less than three Googles.

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