Published October 11th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I respect your opinions about religion, whatever they are, but I don’t think it is a good idea to offend people and represent Michelangelo’s painting the way you do. I do think that respect and dialogue would be much better.


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  1. ihatemyspace says:

    Most of us Pastafarians are pretty good about that. It’s just like Christians: a few of them give the rest of them a very bad name.

  2. HIM says:

    Too many people have tried respect and dialogue. It will not get the attention of the public. All this is is a way to get a way to get the point across efectively and have a little fun in the process. Nobody really believes in ME. I am just a fictional character that is working to change the face of your planet into something better.

  3. Paul Thomas says:

    Have any of you guys seen the Pirate Laws website? (piratelaws.com) Henderson should do something with those guys. All hail the FSM.

  4. Nick2 says:

    Sounds like a reasonable enough request, but you seem to misinterperate the purpose of the religion. It is not to make fun of Christianity, it is to make the point that religion should not be taught in schools as science because it is not science.

  5. Marcus Marinara says:

    Yes, you are correct, M. I believe Michaelangelo, (Mikey to his friends) actually painted the Spaghetti Monster with clam sauce. Good catch!
    Uh, last time I checked, Michaelangelo was a hired gun and not a deity.

  6. One Eyed Jack says:

    Yes. Let us not offend anyone.
    Why is it we can criticize any other area of human endeavor, but we can’t criticize religion? Is religion so fragile that it can’t stand a bit of mocking humor? Is god so very delicate?
    As to respect for Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, you may have a valid argument that FSM should not borrow from other religions. I suppose we should look to Judeo-Christian faiths and follow their example of creating original traditions.
    Christmas is a good example … oh wait, that’s based on the Winter Soltice, a pagan celebration. Well, we have Easter… no, that’s based on the Spring Equinox, another pagan tradtion. Oh! Oh! Consider the concept of a Heaven… ugh … that was borrowed from the Egyptians.
    Well, this is just getting silly so I’ll pull out the big guns. Nobody can doubt the originality of: the virgin birth and the resurrection… frag! traditions borrowed from other religions again. I give up!

  7. bho says:

    It is too bad that people who think they know everything cannot spell. Also, dirt does not consume food, so it would be interesting to see what “dirt-food” really is. I hope that everyone can see that this website is dedicated to a freedom of ideas and imagination and that it appears no one will go to hell or be saved because someone decided to start a webpage.

  8. God says:

    Webpages are good. It’s what I intended.

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