Talk like a pirate day

Published September 19th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

This is important for a number of reasons, but for Pastafarians it provides a convenient source of pirate-behavior data to substantiate the Pirates Vs. Temperature correlation which serves as a keystone of our religion. We expect to see a considerable drop in temperature worldwide on Tuesday the 19th, due to the widespread pirate activity taking place.

I will be collecting quantitative temperature data via the interwebs, but if you have anecdotal (or specious) evidence of unseasonably cold weather, please describe it for us as a comment to this post.

Also, if you’ve done anything amazingly piratey today, please leave a comment about it. We all need to do our part to reverse Global Warming.

You can expect a thorough report of my findings on Wednesday or Thursday.


229 Responses to “Talk like a pirate day”

  1. The Rev. says:

    Global warming must be goin’ down today me maties….
    I be havin’ my fan on all mornin’ and it be chillin’ as a mermaid’s titty in the cabin.


  2. Tim says:

    Aye Cap’ains! Just had me first phone call where another pirate was on the other end!


    Tim the Cabin Boy

  3. The Lone Pirate says:

    Living in Texas the average temperature is about 87 degrees (F). While waking up this morning dressing in my usual pirate atire and deciding which eye I should wear my eye patch on, I noticed an unusal drop in temprature outside. Cheaking my gage to note if any piarte movement is about, to my delight It read 66. Thank you to all Pastafarians who care about the Pirate civilization, and global warming.

  4. Robert Venn says:

    Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England.

    Yesterday it was hot and humid, today it is much colder. Co-incidence – I don’t think so.

  5. Niniane says:

    Unseasonable Cold front coming through in Sunny Fla., what more proof could one ask for? Thanks, your noodliness!

  6. Khyron the Backstabber says:

    ARRR! Here in the fine pirate port of Washington, DC., we be fillin’ our newly installed air conditioners with fine cool spirits today – and turnin’ them on for the first time! Our new data center will be colder than Davy Jones’ locker by sunset! All praise to his noodliness fer arranging to deliver the booty today, months in advance! True evidence of his power an’ omnicience!

  7. Joel (AKA Calico John Kidd) says:

    GAAAAAARRR me hearties!!! It be an unseasonably chilly 18 degrees here in Plymouth today, where before the mercury was boiling in the very thermometers! Yaargh! I have woken all my landlubbing shipmates this morning with a rousing chorus of shouting, pillaging and sword waving in the hope that the world will be a better (and cooler) place for it!

    Avast me hearties!! May the winds blow ye where the treasure be

  8. CUd says:

    Aye, ’tis powerful cool here today. Shiver my soul if sou’west Louisiana don’t need more pirates.

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