Talk like a pirate day

Published September 19th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

This is important for a number of reasons, but for Pastafarians it provides a convenient source of pirate-behavior data to substantiate the Pirates Vs. Temperature correlation which serves as a keystone of our religion. We expect to see a considerable drop in temperature worldwide on Tuesday the 19th, due to the widespread pirate activity taking place.

I will be collecting quantitative temperature data via the interwebs, but if you have anecdotal (or specious) evidence of unseasonably cold weather, please describe it for us as a comment to this post.

Also, if you’ve done anything amazingly piratey today, please leave a comment about it. We all need to do our part to reverse Global Warming.

You can expect a thorough report of my findings on Wednesday or Thursday.


232 Responses to “Talk like a pirate day”

  1. willeboy says:

    arggh me hearties shiver me douglas with some gravy ahoy oh me eye patch has fallen off

  2. matt hobbs dot net aka :(grumpy): » Blog Archive » Carbon offsetting Vs Talking Like a Pirate says:

    […] Its also proven by at least two people that talking like a pirate on international talk like a pirate day cooled their hometowns.  Need proof?  It’s all here:  it cooled my planet. […]

  3. kate says:

    I think as far as anything piraty for today goes…I just drank alot and got into a sword fight with my roomate…gotta love the raping and pillaging tho

  4. Etay says:

    I love Talk Like a Pirate Day. I actually had a little kid come up to me one September 19th and ask me if I was really a Pirate. I responded, “That I be, me hearty,” then he got a confused look on his face, and I knew he wanted to ask about 20 more questions. But he just walked away silently.

  5. Kirsten Hatfield says:

    Yarr i be dressed like a pirate at me school and evARRyone was confuzed. I even made clevARR puns like can you pass me my calculatARR and we have a test and cARRbohydrates. i found it halARRious, my eyepatch be annoying tho

  6. ari says:

    i made my own eyepatch.

  7. Ahoy, ye maties! « Hario no kai (はりおの階) says:

    […] it is September the 19th aboard, meaning yer should be talkin’ like pirates… because yer truly FSM mandates so. For those of yer who would wavin’ yer cutlasses for new Monkey Island stuff, some folks […]

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