Talk like a pirate day

Published September 19th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

This is important for a number of reasons, but for Pastafarians it provides a convenient source of pirate-behavior data to substantiate the Pirates Vs. Temperature correlation which serves as a keystone of our religion. We expect to see a considerable drop in temperature worldwide on Tuesday the 19th, due to the widespread pirate activity taking place.

I will be collecting quantitative temperature data via the interwebs, but if you have anecdotal (or specious) evidence of unseasonably cold weather, please describe it for us as a comment to this post.

Also, if you’ve done anything amazingly piratey today, please leave a comment about it. We all need to do our part to reverse Global Warming.

You can expect a thorough report of my findings on Wednesday or Thursday.


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  1. nyx says:

    stu we have the same birthday

  2. Stu says:


    It is to be noted, that one of my good friends is also born on the 19th :D
    Although he continually rubs it in that he was born at 1am and i didnt appear till 6am, How can i make him see that the time doesn’t matter, its all holy?

  3. Nikkiee says:

    I have a newfound respect for the Australian band “The Wiggles” who must do a mighty job of reducing global warming every time they entertain the ankle-biters :)

  4. The Aussie says:

    Wiggles: Highest earning performers in Australia
    Wiggles: Wear skivvies (sort of long sleeved Tshirts) because it is always cool wherever they go.
    Wiggles: Have a guy in a pirate suit (Cpt. Feathersword)
    Anyone else see the correlation?

  5. Kelly says:

    i love pirates they are cool. dont hate becuase you can be as cool as them

  6. Adam ate the apple says:

    i CELEBRATED but i live in australia and got confused and celebrated a day early. I did get everyone in my office to wear pirate patches though – it was great! aarghh!

  7. Bobby's last reply says:

    Really, to put it all in pespective, this life is about staying alive, is it not? How we live is another matter.
    Maybe one that will go unresolved because of the ongoing saga of the haves and the have nots. Life is a struggle no matter what you do or say. In an instant, your life can be taken away. Accident, poison, what ever. So you’ve got today, what are you going to do with it?

  8. Bobby's last reply says:

    You know even trees shed leaves before winter. Odd isn’t it?
    Like instinctively they know that snow can break them apart
    and then what? It is farewell cold cruel world. Winter comes and who of us will be here come spring?

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