2006 Quill Book Awards

Published September 13th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

quill awards

The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been nominated for the 2006 Quill Awards in the Humor category! These awards are chosen by the public, so it is very important that everyone vote here. Thank you very much.

22 Responses to “2006 Quill Book Awards”

  1. Ian Barker says:

    has anyone else noticed anything peculiar with the Gary Larson cartoon from August 19th, 1981, particularly the caption?

  2. Duke says:

    I’m excited to see the results of the Quill Book Awards. The competition’s pretty tough, but I think we’ve got a good chance.


  3. ElmotheStoner says:

    I think we got a good chance, i’m tellin everyone I know to vote for the gospel.

  4. Ayzal says:

    Don’t forget to vote for the Gospel in the “book of the Year” catagory along with the “Humor” catagory. Why not win twice (should be three if it was included in the “religion catagory”)!

  5. Cari's mom says:

    You’re feeding my daughter turtle pellets? And boasting about it to a med student?

  6. henderob says:

    Attempted to feed her a turtle pellet. And I wasn’t boasting about it.

  7. Cari's mom says:

    Good, because you know she’ll hurt you! I read it as a boast; instead was it a remorseful admission? Or simple reporting of fact?

    We’re praying (hahahahahaha) for you to get the Quill!

  8. The Gooeld says:

    I took it as more of a “simple reporting of fact,” personally…didn’t quite sound like a boast – that would have been what he wrote if he had succeeded in his attempt.
    I’m sure turtle pellets are highly nutritious…or at least more so than a junior mint. He probably raised the nutritional value at least 10-fold with that maneuver!

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