2006 Quill Book Awards

Published September 13th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

quill awards

The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been nominated for the 2006 Quill Awards in the Humor category! These awards are chosen by the public, so it is very important that everyone vote here. Thank you very much.

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  1. The Gooeld says:

    Wow, redesign is finally up, eh? good deal.
    Kudos on the Quill nomination, as well. I think you’ll win…no one pays attention to 10-year old rags like Calvin and Hobbes anymore…good luck anyway! :)

  2. henderob says:

    Hey, I know you. We should have an extremely public conversation. How is medical school? Cari is mad at me because I tried to feed her turtle food. I put a turtle pellet inside of a junior mint, and she found it.

  3. James says:

    Not relevant to this, but I couldn’t see where else to post it: FSM spotted in Mexico, though the blasphemous unbelievers recognised him not. See below.

    SOURCE: Terra Chile
    DATE: 11/13/04


    “It is an inexplicable phenomenon. It’s as though it were an organic being with several tentacles, and some of these tentacles are putting forth spheres. We called in an expert to see if it could be some sort of balloon,but he said no,” said ufologist Jaime Maussan.

    MEXICO, November 13 – The UFO most resembling an organic creature may have been recorded over Mexico as it expelled strange spheres from several tentacles.

    Says Jaime Maussan: “On October 27, to be exact, a giant object was photographed and videotaped over Mexico City. It was very impressive and it launched spheres” with regard to the latest evidence to feed his alien hypothesis.”This is an inexplicable phenomenon. t’s as though it were an organic being with several tentacles, and some of these tentacles are putting forth spheres. We called in an expert to
    see if it could be some sort of balloon,but he said no.”The
    ufologist remarked that an air traffic controler of the city’s airport calculated the object was flying at over 10,000 feet, which means that in order to have been picked up by a camera, its diameter should have been between 300 and 400 meters, making it a highly strange and extraordinary event.He added that the object made a series of impressive maneuvers, like a knot. Then it braided itself
    and stretched, but always surrounded by a series of blue and red spheres that appeared to be stuck to the object’s sides.”If it’s an organic being, where did it come from? How did it get here?What is inside the spheres it is ejecting? Is there some sort of invasion or are we being monitored?” the journalist asked himself.He pointd out that this fact confirms the existence of a very intense presence of beings from another planet. “These beings are literally here,and
    unfortunately we aren’t through realizing what all of this
    means.”Maussan said that the images were supplied by Arturo Robles Gil, a professional photographer, who also managed to record it with a camcorder.For this reason, the images are very clear.He remarked that at first they debated over whether it could be a balloon,but a considerable monetary investment would be required, aside from the fact that it would have been necessary to assemble it around 2 in
    the morning in order for it to be seen at 9 am.”If balloons are involved, we figure that some 57,000 of them would be required to form something similar, aside from the fact that it is forbidden to launch balloons in the Mexico City airspace which could jeopardize air travel. This would constitute an illegal act,” said the ufologist.He stated that this evidence is still being analyzed. “It was fortunate that this event took place at 9 a.m. and no infrarred lights were needed to see it perfectly. If it isn’t a balloon, then what the hell is it?”The video’s total duration is between 5 -10 minutes, although the object was visible from 10 to 20 minutes.

    Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
    Special thanks to Terra.cl

  4. The Gooeld says:

    I’m a fan of public conversations, personally. Remember that time I got VD from that cambodian hooker? Did they ever cure that? heh

    Just got my first exam back (was monday…death…) fucking MDs – 120 people in the class, average on the test =~90% I thought my 87% was pretty decent until I realized I was below average. Jeebus.

    Mmmm…junior turtle mint. delicious.

    What are you doing (besides updating the website)?

  5. henderob says:

    That’s cool. I’m not doing anything exciting, nerd work on the website. My server crashed badly last week and I had to re-format the entire thing.

    Where are you living now?

  6. The Gooeld says:

    Again? didn’t it die a few weeks ago when you were trying to move it to some new format (that I didn’t really understand anything about…assuming this is it, or something similar)?
    I’m about to go crash…must awaken early to make coffee in order to not pass out during embryology…or worse, anatomy lab. It would be embarassing to fall face-first into an opened body. I’d probably get lung-gunk (“scientific term”) in my hair…got to use a bone-saw the other day to cut through ribs. and thought of you…ha
    living up on the hill – much nearer to school. can sleep in till 10 minutes before class and still show up on time…though that hasn’t happened yet. did sleep till 30 min before class and arrived early, though. its a bitch if you get there late – they enrolled more people than they have seats for, so I’d wind up sitting in the aisle. $30K+/year and they don’t have enough desks. motherfuckers.

  7. henderob says:

    I’d be mad if I had to sit on the floor. Bastards. Don’t work too hard. See you later.

  8. The Gooeld says:

    you bastard…just noticed the “you” was changed to an “I” in that cambodian hooker comment…or did I put that in there ala freudian slip?…lacking the brainpower to remember that far back…

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