2006 Quill Book Awards

Published September 13th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

quill awards

The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been nominated for the 2006 Quill Awards in the Humor category! These awards are chosen by the public, so it is very important that everyone vote here. Thank you very much.

22 Responses to “2006 Quill Book Awards”

  1. The Gooeld says:

    and I’m not just *any* med student – I’m The Gooeld.

  2. StrollerGuy says:

    This site is FABULOUS! I LOVE it! A friend referred me today; yes, I already voted. Count me in. Unless you mind, I am putting up a link. Thanks for sharing!


  3. J.R. Blackwell says:

    Congradulations on the nomination! I hope The Gospel wins this one!

  4. Cari's mom, aka the mother-out-law says:

    Good point about the nutritional value of Jr. Mints; I wonder if they feed them to Bubba Turtle? Mostly I’m concerned for Bobby–he has enough nutcases after him; he doesn’t need Cari plotting against him, too. She’s scary.

  5. The Gooeld says:

    hahaha, I can only imagine!
    Yeah…there are quite a few psychos out there with a thirst for blood – and thats just the ones who write letters!…

  6. Lisa W. says:

    That’s great news. You’ve got my vote!

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