If I belive you are going to burn in hell

Published September 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson
If I believe you are going to burn in hell for eternity if you fail to do something and I know what it is your supposed to do but don’t tell you what it is you need to do then I am a monster of the worst kind. Your problem is that you do not want to belive that you might go to hell because you know what the remedy is but you’re not prepared to take it. You’ve got it backwards. It is the Christians that know how to help you but don’t bother to because they just want to get along with everybody that you should be sickened by not those who are prepared to be mocked by you as long as they can help you make sure you get to heaven. It’s my job as a christian to lead people to Christ and I count it a blessing to be mocked in His name. Mock me all you want. I hope we can have a good laugh about it between singing songs of praise to the Lord God Almighy in heaven.


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  1. M. L. B. says:

    This movement is a really great idea that many do not understand. It really is a shame that humanity as a whole can’t step back and objectively look at itself and realize the sameness of us all. Regardless of your religious belief the true debate remains on whether we allow a untouchable, untestable, unprovable force act as our scientific explanation. OR we continue to use our five senses to collect and observe the natural world around us to look for explanation and repeatable process that accurately predict outcome. The debate over evolution is an attack on science as an industry. In my line of work if the scientific method is allowed to contain a loop hole of: “God wanted it to happen.”, “The FSM must have touched it with his noodley appendage.”, “Divine intervention”, I removes the repeatability and validity of my results. Though the previous statements would make my job easier and my line of work only partly affects humanity as a whole, this handicap given to areas like medical research and wildlife management could potentially cause a new generation stepping backward from the progress made in the last 500 years.

    So while the debate rages of what god(s) to believe in, the role of mankind in the evolutionary process, and which religion is right, please stop and think on the this idea: How do you want your children, future scientist, and future engineers to use the scientific method? Using only observable evidence has allowed for the advancement of the computer you’re reading this on, the medicine when you’re sick, the car you drive, the soap you wash with, the clothes you wear and many other things.

    I’m not stating that you should not have your deity in your mind, heart, soul. I’m saying that I want you to keep your deity out of my science.

    Holy wars and intolerance are caused by the lack of communication between sides. The inability to place one’s self in the other person’s shoes. Names and hateful ideas further the division. I suggest if one wants to be taken seriously one should use words and actions of respect. Please keep this in mind when you post you opinions, it is easier to communicate when defenses are down.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and remember FSM, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, etc. are not my concern; please just keep science scientific.

    Thank you,

  2. The Sharpie Wizard says:

    Well stated my friend!

  3. Steven J says:

    A big “Huzzah” for incoherent hatemail!

  4. Aunty Ism says:

    Mock, and the door shall be opened….

  5. mfantom says:


  6. Biscuit says:

    Have I arrived too late for the sing along?

  7. Doc Otis says:

    Beautiful, M.L.B.!

  8. Drosera says:

    “Your problem is that you do not want to belive that you might go to hell because you know what the remedy is but you’re not prepared to take it”

    Hey Steve, the concern for our souls and not flaming us is a nice gesture. But here’s where I see an impasse.

    You believe, as an act of faith, that there’s heaven, hell, the ethical Christians go to the former, the bad guys and non-believers roast in the latter.

    While I believe, just as strongly that ethics, charity, kindness etc are to be held highly, but no one religion has a monopoly on God. So I am incapable of seeing your remedy as the only way.

    Furthermore, the idea of a loving god casting people into eternal torment for the simple crime of not believing in him, seems very contradictory. Which leads me to two scenarios. 1. God’s loving, forgiving and all of that, or… 2. God casts unbelievers/the irreverent into eternal hellfire for not believing in him, which would be like me taking my dog to the pound because she stole my sandwich.

    First scenario, I, and the rest of us kind-hearted heathens are fine. Second scenario, I’d rather not kiss up to an omnipotent petty jerk in which case I’ve made my choice.

    So… since my own religion points to something similar to the first scenario, I have to decline your offer of singing songs of praise. My voice would make a deaf cat howl. But I would be happy to join you for a mango smoothie and nice plate of pasta, I-told-you-sos held back.

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