If I belive you are going to burn in hell

Published September 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson
If I believe you are going to burn in hell for eternity if you fail to do something and I know what it is your supposed to do but don’t tell you what it is you need to do then I am a monster of the worst kind. Your problem is that you do not want to belive that you might go to hell because you know what the remedy is but you’re not prepared to take it. You’ve got it backwards. It is the Christians that know how to help you but don’t bother to because they just want to get along with everybody that you should be sickened by not those who are prepared to be mocked by you as long as they can help you make sure you get to heaven. It’s my job as a christian to lead people to Christ and I count it a blessing to be mocked in His name. Mock me all you want. I hope we can have a good laugh about it between singing songs of praise to the Lord God Almighy in heaven.


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  1. Garrick McElroy says:

    There is a sin in your Bible. An Unforgiveable Sin. I have rejected the Holy Spirit and denied it’s existence. There is no way to be forgiven. I’m guaranteed to burn in hell, one way, or another. Why not have fun while I’m still around?

  2. Apprentice Frederic says:

    I once had a philosophy teacher who memorably remarked that it’s always embarrassing when two solipsists meet on the street. Likewise, it must be embarrassing when the Pope runs into some evangelical and they both know that ONLY THEY THEMSELVES will make it into the Heavenly Choir. We could throw in a Mormon – who thinks neither of the first two have a prayer – and, just to keep things lively, a Muslim or so. They useta be more tolerant than Christians, but, anymore, I dunno. Anyways, why don’t you sanctimonious fucking Christians sort things out amongst yourselves before you take on the role of Sole Arbiter to us pore lost Pastafarians. I hope that you will not take this as mockery – we’re really just worried about public sanitation issues. Does anybody follow you around with a plastic baggie????

  3. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Only by the number of people (still a world minority, mind you) sharing your delusion do you vary from the disheveled man on the street corner warning of the on-going alien mind control invasion. I don’t listen to him, either.

  4. leroy for my friends lee says:

    hey cookm. drop a line if you still got a computer or can still read without glasses. Ever find a job? Dan ever recover from his accident with the car? Or are you still wanting to work without working?
    Life is short Dano. Shit Piss or Get Off The Pot Old Man…


  5. gordon_uk says:

    “Mock me all you want” – Well OK then, you’re a fool!

  6. Keith says:

    Is this the same goose who signed himself “Steve of God” in another posting?

  7. pet flags says:

    I found a site yesteday that appeared much similar to this, are everyone positive another person is not duplicating this website?

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