Think about this, asshole….

Published August 19th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you:

Jesus Christ and the American G.I.

One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.

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  1. Cynic says:

    True_patriot – You know,I always liked the words from Ed Harris’ character in “The Rock” that go something like: “Couple houndred years ago, few guys named Washington, Jefferson and Adams, were
    branded traitors by the british…now they´re called patriots…in time so shall we!”

  2. Allen says:

    Besides Ronald Reagan, no one mentioned in your post is a “defining force” Nice try, dipshit. So, stop making stuff up. No FBI agent was ever tortured to save you. Your dad did not take a bullet for you. And your mother certainly did not die at child birth. How do I know that? Well, she was with me last night taking it in the pooper…hard and deep.

    Posted by: right_again | August 24, 2006 at 11:36 PM

    And why should we take your word for it little boy? It is so juvenile to use the oldest insult in the book of “…because she was with me last night” Oh smack down! I didnt know we were on an internet version of “Yo Mamma” perhaps if you could create a proper sentence, and a better vocabulary, then maybe you could actually create an insult that could hurt us. How old are you? 10? Watch it your mom might see what you are typing.

    If you could actually read what that entire paragraph was about, you would realize that it was a metaphor for saying that there are much more people that have died for us rather than just the two mentioned in this idiotic e-mail.

    Please get a different brain, your’s obviously isnt working to well.


  3. Secret says:

    You know, “right_again” (how ironic a name that is), you’re only digging yourself a deeper hole every time you post. First of all, how can you dismiss a list like that because “none of them is a “defining force”” (oh, and I’d need an explanation of exactly what that is, thanks)? Secondly, what proof do you have that he’s making any of that up? It’s unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Oh, and lastly, claiming that you commited sodomy (hmn, isn’t that a sin in your religion?) with the mother of anyone you met a few minutes ago online not only establishes yourself as immature and an idiot, it also disqualifies yourself for any semi-intelligent argument. It’s worse than Godwin’s Law.

  4. Just Nick says:

    “sodomy (hmn, isn’t that a sin in your religion?)”

    It’s only a sin for two men to do it, DUH!


  5. Suul Matuul says:

    Yep. We can all tell you’re really mature, that you have to use the “Yo Mamma” argument. I really feel sorry for Christianity that immature brats like you are all that we have to represent them in this argument. Can we please get someone who can actually give a valid argument in here? I mean that vacancy still hasnt been filled, and I’m beginning to doubt if it ever will be…

  6. Tim Montague says:

    Hello, Bobby & Commentators

    I am both a Biochemist and a Christian, and I found your site funny and shocking.

    (1)I do not believe my fellow Christians should worry about this website, because Jesus taught us as Christians to love our neighbors like we love ourselves, so why do you threat this man (Bobby) with hate ~ it is Jesus who is truth and it is he who will judge. FSM is not real.

    (2)I feel that science and faith do not conflict each other. It is men who confict with each other. Science makes observations and proves if they are true or not true. Evidence has proven that the earth is not the center of the galaxy like first suggested by the church (men), and that life has evolved, …Darwin’s finches… (Amphibians evolved into Reptiles evolved into Birds) these are not just the “devil’s hoaxes”. The Holy Bible never said that man didn’t evolve from chimpanzes, it says that God created everything in the universe ~ so why didn’t he create space and the components of atoms… and those atoms joined together to form molecules, and those molecules formed together to form cells, and thus life, and that life evolved untill Adam & Eve were created… the universe is so complex and intrinsic, this is not an accident. What about the part in the bible that says man was created in 6 days, and on the 7th God rested? How can this be if Scientists say that from Carbon Dating that the earth is actually billions of years old, and we have evidence of dinosaur fossils. Does it not say in the New Testament that one day of God is not the same as one day to man.

    But, beloved, be not ignorant
    of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day
    ~ 2 Peter, Chapter 3 – Verse 8

    Christians practice faith. Scientists practice science. Science and Christianity does not conflict. Men conflict, because faith is not science.

    (3) FSM is an propaganda attempt to debacle primarly Intelligent Design which I agree is not science, however FSM does go overboard in targeting Christianity ~ when it should focus on teaching people that ID should not be taught in the class room, as an alternative to evolution.

  7. Suul Matuul says:

    Tim, you have very good points. Thank you for being one of the few people that we have to look to as the voice of Christian reason, rather than Christian threats.

    I agree with your first two points, however, the third point I might be able to help clarify a bit. As far as I can see, the FSM never originally targeted Christainity, but it was soon targeted after Mr. Henderson recieved so much hatemail from the more single-minded ones. And so many of the users insult Christianity because mostly the Christians we see around here think like the man in “Your god is a homo” post. If only there were more mature Christians like you around here, then I think that we would not in general target them so much, if at all.

    Thank you for coming and proving that there are good Christains out there who arent obsessed with judging us all and “playing God” by sentencing us all to hell.

  8. ME says:

    Um, for the person who wasted all that time putting up all the starting lines for each state should know something. When they wrote the word “god” they meant to emcompass all gods in all religions-not just the Christian God, therefore FSM was mentioned because FSM is the god of the pastafarians.

    I have a serious question, if we’re all so misguided and FSM is so stupid then why do you waste your time sending in hate mail?

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