Published August 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Ok Mr. Bobby Henderson, Im seriously sorry but I don’t understand this whole idea of a bunch of noddels like flying around I just cant grasp that. I can understand if your trying to make a point like we shouldn’t put science down but you went a little over bord with your little idea. Im not sure if everything is well in your mind an I think you should get some help. Cause your idea is wack. But people have different belives an I gusse this is yours. But seriously how many people belive in this I think that you would have to be pretty messed up in the head or like I don’t even know I mean people freakin eat noodles why in the hell would some one want to worship it. Im a strong beliver in GOD an in Jeuse……. have you ever read the bible if not I you should maybe can find what your looking for in that . God will always pick you up when you are down just rember that

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  1. Alchemist says:

    nice – I thought I’d joined them – I haven’t.
    Time to fire up TORR!

  2. Alchemist says:

    take an R off :(

  3. ☠DutchPastaGuy☠ says:

    krony was an interesting visitor. He kept it up for a while. I did think that his ‘I feel I’ve out-stayed my welcome’ did come suspiciously convenient at a time when he had talked himself into such impossible positions that conceding defeat was unavoidable for him.

  4. ☠DutchPastaGuy☠ says:

    “It’s like some sort of intellectual car crash.”
    It reminds me a bit of that scene from the Holy Grail. I envision krony as the knight who has had both arms and legs chopped off in the debate here at CoFSM, yet boldly proclaims ‘It’s just a flesh wound’.

  5. Rowdiest Wench says:

    I liked the convos with krony too. I agree DPG – it’s easier to “run away” (couldn’t help another Holy Grail reference!) than to deal with being wrong. It takes a lot of self to say “I was wrong” and change your mind. That’s the difference between belief and rational thought – beliefs are hard to throw out but thoughts and understanding constantly evolve.

  6. Alchemist says:

    I hope we have some more of their ilk. I also hope that some of us manage to stop acting like fundamentalist atheist and engage them in conversation. Rather than call them stupid!
    Or am I being to hopeful?

  7. Etay says:

    “But seriously how many people belive in this I think that”
    I do, and many many many other do, too.

  8. Commodore Angryy says:

    The problem is, you’ve got to see it from their position once in a while. This man, krony, is at least 30, and has basically spent most of his life believing in, and worshipping god. Can you imagine how hard that would be to throw away? that’s what’s so dangerous about belief, it can’t be broken.

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