Published August 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Ok Mr. Bobby Henderson, Im seriously sorry but I don’t understand this whole idea of a bunch of noddels like flying around I just cant grasp that. I can understand if your trying to make a point like we shouldn’t put science down but you went a little over bord with your little idea. Im not sure if everything is well in your mind an I think you should get some help. Cause your idea is wack. But people have different belives an I gusse this is yours. But seriously how many people belive in this I think that you would have to be pretty messed up in the head or like I don’t even know I mean people freakin eat noodles why in the hell would some one want to worship it. Im a strong beliver in GOD an in Jeuse……. have you ever read the bible if not I you should maybe can find what your looking for in that . God will always pick you up when you are down just rember that

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  1. EJ says:

    You know, the Flying Spaghetti Monster interferes with my typing, too. Before I hit “post”, my words are perfectly spelled and filled with grammatical beauty, but after I hit “post”, suddenly terrible errors appear. I suspect that this is a practical joke, similar to the way he interferes with carbon dating. I love a god with a sense of humor.

    The better question than “why can’t the hate-mailers spell?” is “why don’t they understand this is largely tongue-in-cheek?”

    I blame the public school system. Apparently they stopped teaching the concept of “parody” because it sounded too much like “parity” and, besides, cut into important Intelligent Design time.

    That said, I would never suggest that I don’t worship his holy noodlyness.

    And, kudos, for a letter that doesn’t call anyone a faggot or threaten us to hell. Quite uplifting for a change. :)

  2. Cultural Snow says:

    There’s an interesting paradox here. Fundamentalist Christians, one presumes, read the Bible a great deal (or else they wouldn’t know what they were being fundamentalist about). In fact, they probably put in more reading hours than the average English-speaking Westerner.

    Now, Bible tranlations vary in quality, from the sublime (King James) to the banal (modern ones for the MTV generation). But they all seem to have correct spelling and grammar in place.

    So why is it that the Christians, who read so much, don’t seem to be able to transfer the spelling and grammar in the Bible to their own writing? Why is it that atheists, agnostics and sceptics (sorry, Transatlantic cousins, sKeptics) are more literate than their Bible-bashing counterparts.

    Can anbody help me here?


    Or even Jeuse…

  3. Bruno Earthling says:

    Is it ok to make fun of other people’s beliefs?

    Heck, yes!! Why not?
    … no really, why not?

    If someone wants to say that we all come from Alpha Centaurus B or Zeta Reticuli 2, why should the rest of us care about it?

    Some people are taught that the world was created some 8000 years ago, others are explain that it is some 4.5 billion years old…
    Some like this “Flying Spaghetti Monster” God…
    (I’ve heard of this fat, bald, chinese god guy… … and was told there are even others…)

    You all can laugh at my beliefs anytime…
    … I sure laugh at yours…
    … since crying does help anyway…

    Cheers to you all, looney bins…

    P.S.- Now for the serious part.
    Is there a membership fee or can I just convert??
    Not that the “all Fridays holiday” got me, the Stripper Factory AND the Beer Volcano did it… … bless you son…

  4. Yo says:

    Cultural Snow, the “Fat, bald, Chinese, God guy” is 1) Indian, 2) not a god.

  5. Yo says:

    Sorry, meant Bruno Earthling.

  6. Bruno Earthling says:

    Thanks for the correction Yo.

    And if I may, one correction to my post; I intented to write:

    You all can laugh at my beliefs anytime…
    … I sure laugh at yours…
    … since crying does “not” help anyway…

    I find disturbing that some people think everyone must think like them. If one does not believe or have a contraditory believe, he/she is the enemy, must be put out of his misery, must bow down to their superior thinkink??? I call that fundamentalism. IMO, it is the world’s worst problem.

  7. Cultural Snow says:

    Well, strictly speaking, Gautama Siddartha was indeed Indian, and not a God, and probably not all that fat, BUT…

    His representation in Chinese Buddhism makes him look Chinese (in the same way that Western renderings of Jesus have often made him look distinctly Aryan). Fatness in Chinese society is often associated with happiness and prosperity.

    Also, the God thing… not, Buddha is not a god in a strict doctrinal sense, by many manifestations of Buddhism incorporate other religious beliefs (eg animism) and adherents pray to gods and spirits alongside their belief in karma, reincarnation, etc.

    So you’re both right, really.

  8. Matt Jones says:

    Please tell me that this is copied letter for letter, and that this person can’t even spell Jesus right. As a scientist from Kansas, its people like this that give intelligent Kansans a bad name. Thank FSM that there’s finally an end to the madness. Ramen.

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