Published August 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Ok Mr. Bobby Henderson, Im seriously sorry but I don’t understand this whole idea of a bunch of noddels like flying around I just cant grasp that. I can understand if your trying to make a point like we shouldn’t put science down but you went a little over bord with your little idea. Im not sure if everything is well in your mind an I think you should get some help. Cause your idea is wack. But people have different belives an I gusse this is yours. But seriously how many people belive in this I think that you would have to be pretty messed up in the head or like I don’t even know I mean people freakin eat noodles why in the hell would some one want to worship it. Im a strong beliver in GOD an in Jeuse……. have you ever read the bible if not I you should maybe can find what your looking for in that . God will always pick you up when you are down just rember that

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  1. DTG says:

    >>people freakin eat noodles why in the hell would some one want to worship it

    “He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life”

    Just saying we all have common ground, be touched, don’t fear the noodly apendage. It never lets you fall so it will never have to pick you up.

  2. OMG He's Jewish! says:

    Your just jealous because a pile of ‘noddels’ can spell better than you and ‘Jeuse’ put together!

  3. Pasta-yum! says:

    Just curious whether you interpret your poorly written email as a sign of:

    (A) You being dumb.
    (B) Your ‘God’ not being there for you.
    (C) Your ‘God’ punishing you for being judgmental.

    Personally I believe the Flying Spaghetti Monster used His Noodly Appendage on your fingers as you were typing.

  4. Sam says:

    “..you would have to be pretty messed up in the head..”

    but when you believe in god, it’s perfectly natural and OK, right?

    you see, this is just another example of aggressive Catholicism. In fact, these people often don’t know shit about their own religion. They say god created man. And, in all technicalities, man created god. They did so for an easy explanation for things that happened and as a dismissal for scientific proof of things. If there was a god, why is there suffering? why are there innocent people dieing and complete idiots being the ones to determine our laws? Why would people go to hell for committing finite sins? Why then, if god did not wanted us to sin, why would god make us capable of sinning? Why would the Christian god make other religions? If god existed, why would atheism exist? If god wants me to believe in him, god will need more than just hope that I will just have blind faith in a god I have never seen before and has never been proven to exist.

  5. Steve says:

    It is always amusing to see someone make fun of another person’s spelling mistakes while making his own mistakes. Huh, Allen?

    The word is “spaghetti”, for future reference.

    Shall we mention DTG’s grammar mistake of confusing “you’re” with “your”? One is a contraction of “you” and “are”. The other is the possessive form of “you”.

    Normally, I wouldn’t mention the whole spelling and grammar thing because I make enough mistakes on my own. But, it is ridiculous (note the correct spelling) for someone to complain about spelling when they have made their own mistakes. Unfortunately, it is common problem. :(

  6. Jack says:

    > strong beliver in GOD an in Jeuse?

    As a softwear programir I am also strong beliver in cod reuse.

  7. Jay Kay says:

    Was this dude taught at school? The spelling and grammar is appauling e.g. “have you ever read the bible if not I you should maybe can find what your looking for in that,” erm, what? no question mark even though he is asking a question and how about the “if not I you should” thats just crazy talk! Finally, he doesn’t even know the name of his own messiah!! Can anybody tell me who Jeuse is?

  8. humanity says:

    Steve – you’re comment should have been directed at Q.

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