Jesus loves you guys

Published August 14th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, I was you website though a form that was arguing Christians vs evolution. Then someone said what about FSM and we learned of your weird clan thing. I went to you “hate mail” section and was sadden by what some people said and how they displayed Christians as Hippocrates. But, I’m hoping you put me into your “hate mail” except this is more of a love mail letter. Knowing you will make fun of this and maybe mess with words I will say what I have to say. When I was looking though your site I literally started to tear up thinking of what you guys are doing and how you are mocking God. because I know that if you were to die today that you would all go to hell. unless at one point you declared Christ as your lord and savior. I just want to say i guess is that God loves you no matter what and that I will pray that you may come to accept Jesus in your heart and I know that this will most likely not effect you but, I had to try so God-bless and keep you safe and out of harm and remember no matter how much you hate him he loves you two times as much :)

PS email me if you put this on your site (and pirates are awesome) -Erik Jackson

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  1. Mc says:

    “3)”The basic mechanisms that produce evolutionary change are natural selection (which includes ecological, sexual, and kin selection) and genetic drift; these two mechanisms act on the genetic variation created by mutation, genetic recombination and gene flow.”(wikipedia) Mutation is a vehicle of evolution, fuckwit.”

    Good thanks, and yourself?

    Well… what is mutation? To kill what you have posted, genetic mutations in ALL cases observable is the loss (what? THE LOSS) of genetic information. Yet you are claiming that that this is one of evolutions mechanisms.

    Mutation = degeneration… not evolution.

    Look guys, we can look at the same data – but if we have different presuppositions we will come to different conclusions. That’s how it is.

    I can’t prove God. It is the Holy Spirit that brings conviction onto our hearts and breaks down our walls of sin that stop us from believing. I’m not perfect… I sin… everyday. Yet it is through the blood of Christ that I KNOW that when I am judged, I will still be given eternal life.

    God is real to me, because I have seeked Him. I was in knee deep crap… many people are off way way WAY worse than I was… but God made a PERSONAL difference in my life when I accepted Christ. I used go clubbing, do drugs and hate everyone and everything – I was a real shmuck.. I’ve had my personal testimony and can’t explain it fully… but I am so blessed now.. i’m 20, getting married to an amazing Godly girl in 19 days.. finished uni.. and want to extend the Kingdom of God as this is what I have been commanded to do. And I feel [almost] as clean as a whistle.. yet I will try my best to not sin as this pleases my heavenly Father.

    If you are not going to seek… no scientific data will prove God. But I think we all have something in us saying that the ‘sinfull’ things we are doing is ruining something part of our most inner-being. And I believe this is because we are made in the ‘image of God’… yes yes I know… how do you interpret that one… not today tho folks.

    People like evolution – I think because then we don’t have these moral obligations.. Sex drugs and rock’n’roll peoples!

    And yes ‘Noodly..?’.. unfortunately Christians are so devided and hipocritical. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t the sincere biblical representatives of the faith. It is because of these christians and their behaviour that the whole group of Christians get put into this box called “two-faced liars”. We aren’t all like that. I mean we are all liars.. who hasn’t lied? But they are what I call sunday christians who unfortunately have never realy understood the fullness of God and what he has done and promises to do.

    Anywho… all I can say really is seek… seek sincerely.. and you WILL find! He has promised that to us. How long??? In God’s timing not ours. After we are ‘saved’/forgiven we can’t do what we want. If you read the scriptures God has gives us responsibilities to fill when we accept the sacrifice of Jesus

    OOH… and the other post… to be honest… I would LOVE to have coffee with a Muslim. I have great respect for them. Many of them are very open to scripture and may not agree with you.. but will have friendly discussions about it.

    The major people group I dislike [unfortunately] is the Queer groups… this isn’t what I am meant to be doing. But it is a struggle I have. God is good… Christians can be misled and often are.

    What?? A Christian being honest??

    My ‘rant’ is done.

  2. Noodly...? says:

    unfortunately Christians are so devided and hipocritical. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t the sincere biblical representatives of the faith.

    So, what you are saying is that, in believing in a heartfelt way in christianity, you are denying that I will go to hell because are not christian. Denying one of the tenets of Christian belief that has been around for…i don’t know how long…of course constitutes belief and generosity.

    However, sounds like you are a reasonable person, so I’ll just say that, from my perspective, Christianity condemning the majority of perfectly good human beings to eternal damnation simply because they don’t practice, or believe, in Christianity is wrong and sad.

    Another Jewish Guy


  3. Mc says:

    Why is there sickness in this lifetime? Doesn’t God love us?

    Sin! But does it matter if we are sick in our little 80 year struggle? ETERNITY IS THE REAL LIFE GOD HAS GIVEN US.

    Hmm…. 80 vs ETERNITY

    Why would Eternity be any better? or perfect? Satan will no be there. We will have no sin… not even a stain of it!

    If you are going to hate God because you were born deformed, sick, ugly (by social standards), poor or whatever your situation isn’t going to improve much after you die here.

    And you won’t be deformed in your eternal body.

    Oh boy… I bet I’m gettin unpopular with you guys now!


  4. Mc says:

    Thanks for your perspective – here are some thoughts of mine.

    I’m not condemning anyone. My job as a soldier in God’s army isn’t to condemn, but to reach out… build relationships and show to people that there is more to this Jesus guy than just a story etc. (i.e The Gospel)

    And I’m not going to say who God will condemn… it’s not my place. But I’ve come to the point in my walk where I’ve said to myself: I’ll either believe that the Bible is the complete, accurate and truthfull Word of God or nothing at all. And after doing enough personal research my realist mind was satisfied enough to take the leap of FAITH and believe.

    And yes it is sad. But many/most people will not enter the Kingdom of God.
    Is it wrong? It is ‘wrong’ for us to sin. If that isn’t true… define wrong. Or has wrong only existed after we evolved enough to construct social networks?

    So if we have wronged God and haven’t somehow made it right… wouldn’t he punish us? I doubt the majority of this world are perfect. In fact I can only recall one person ever being perfect…. no brainer: Jesus – was I there? No – read my second paragraph.

  5. Steve Bowen says:

    While I am pleased to see that you are an atypical example of the ‘christians’ who normally post here, I must admit my confusion regarding your choice to do so. I can, of course, only speak for myself, but I really don’t understand what you hope to accomplish. I do not believe in your god. I do not believe that Jesus died for me. I do not believe in heaven or hell. As far as I am concerned, none of them exist. You claim that Jesus was perfect. Well, if the price of perfection is getting nailed to a cross, you can count me out. You said that ” my realist mind was satisfied enough to take the leap of FAITH and believe.” In my opinion ‘realism’ and ‘faith’ are mutually exclusive terms. I am a student studying to be a scientist (pharmacology) and I don’t need faith to know that acids and bases will neutralize one another; I need realism and scientific method. I only believe in what can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched, and experimented with. Anything which does not fall into any of the previous categories, in my opinion, does not exist.

  6. Werefox Alchemist says:

    I’m glad you were so nice about this, but really. I do not believe in Hell. For that matter, I don’t know what to believe. i think Jesus was a good guy with some excellent ideas that were a little ahead of his time, and he said what he had to to get his point across. Besides, and I say this to everyone, if you can give me rock solid proof of your God’s existance, I will belive and become a Christian again. Until then, a faithful agnostic and follower of the FSM I shall remain.
    RAmen to you.

  7. Alex (a work in progress) says:

    See, the thing is, these people don’t need to be attacked, they truly and honestly believe they are helping us. So, I say thanks but no thanks and pray that you will realize the His Noodly Goodness will forgive you for your ignorance. And that i’ll learn to spell.

  8. Jack says:

    god touches my wiener at night.

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