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Published August 9th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

    I don’t understand.  I have recently read your article to the KC school board.  You seem to be arguing that the FSM created the earth.  I believe the God of the Bible created the earth.  Your argument states that schools should teach evolution, intelligent design, and FSM creation.   

Both the Christian belief and yours state that something intellegent created the universe (and it didn’t just happen by accident).  Is the spaghetti monster not intelligent?  Is that the argument for teaching both.

The teaching of Intelligent Design does not promote my God any more than yours or anybody elses for that matter.  It shouldn’t even promote a god as the creator.  All Intelliegent Design promotes is another theory about the beginning of the universe.  That as complex as this universe is that it could have been (in theory) created.

Your letter gives the impression that you want your religion to be taught.  I beleive that is wrong.  We may have different beliefs about how the universe came into existence but we both believe in Intelligent Design.   

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  1. Caveat Lector says:

    Here are your misconceptions
    1. science says the unverse was made by chance, wrong, it simply states the the universe follows certain laws and rules, such as physics. Nothing in science says it was by dumb luck that the universe exists, where do people keep getting that
    2. if ID is taught, it will be teaching both theories. wrong. How do you teach ID without focusing in on at least one religion? you have to go a little deeper than “god did it”, you have to say how and why, something that is different in every religion, so if ID is taught then many would only teach the christian version of it because they are christian and they think its the only theory out there unless we let them know it isn’t, this is called the false-concensus effect; you guys have no clue that there are other ideas out there in the world until it smacks you in the face.
    3. We want our religion to be taught, we don’t. Evolution, abiogenesis, and the big bang are the leading theories supported by the evidence. And if you teach ID with those, you cannot leave out details that pertain to certain religions as stated up in #2, we simply want the FSM to be taught on equal level with the christian version because if your religion is taught in schools, then ours should be too, so if people stop trying to get christianity taught then we will stop trying to get FSMism taught alongside it.

  2. Garrick McElroy says:

    What we believe in, is Unintelligent Design. It was an accident and that is why it is so different from the ID theory. Yours is that he meant to make everything like that, our theory is that it was all an accident and that’s why it’s so screwed up.

  3. Garrick McElroy says:

    This person has the same initials as me. It is not me! I swear!

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