Hey Pirate…

Published August 19th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

The only Pirate you are is a BUTT PIRATE….butt plugging parrots too!

You and your group of sick, misguided, ugly, half-witted, inbred, drugged up, hippie friends really need a good ass beating. When my deployment of catching drug runners ends in South

America, and I return to San Diego, CA, why don’t we meet somewhere? You bring your freaks…um, I mean “friends”, and I’ll bring my friends. We’ll have a nice little discussion…….

However, before we meet I suggest you fill out a last will and testament……..

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  1. Jon E says:

    Why the obsession with our backsides? What does this say about them?

    Do these people really think that they are scarier than us? How many people with science degrees are there on this site? Rather a lot I would think. I bet most of us could come up with some pretty nasty stuff. Some of us also have a pretty good idea of tactics. Sun Tzu’s The Arts Of War should be read by pretty much anyone with a brain, must read it again soon. I’ve met plenty of people who are only dangerous in a group with their little friends behind them, this guy obviously falls into that group.

  2. Wench Nikkiee says:

    I did martial arts for a few years and you always fight with your mind first, body second (in the style I followed anyway)… these idiots are hopeless. They just loose it so easily.
    Only worth laughing at! If only they would stop breeding with each other, the gene pool might recover.
    Still I love the amusement.

  3. Don Lardini says:

    Perhaps if we offered him a neat little transisitor radio he may consent to have a trifling little medical procedure performed. May the FSM render his kind infertile and damn them to a life of left-handedness and Mormonism.

  4. Don Lardini says:

    Dec 7th, 2006 at 5:06 am
    “However, before we meet I suggest you fill out a last will and testament……..”

    In a very interesting book I read years ago there was… “You shall not murder” Too bad that those who intend to defend it are ready to break this simple rule…

    No I think this was more like a suggested guideline or something. The key bits are about finding ways to hate other groups that are in some way different from yourself.

  5. Jon E says:

    People have always been good at hating anyone different. I’m currently sitting about 50 metres away from a site where about 800 years ago a bunch of jews were forced to hide in a castle and given the choice of either becoming christians or else. They choose immolation over the kind of conversion that was being offered to them.

    I have seen a few comments lately saying that Atheists have become new hate figures for certain segments of the media and political establishments. Is it any wonder we are so reactionary to them when they come on this site.

  6. Pamcakes says:

    Yee-haw! We gonna have us a good ol’ Freethinker lynchin’, Pa?
    And after that, maybe we’ll make a night of it – stone some homosexuals and crucify some blacks and burn the crosses that they be hangin’ up on?
    Take a good, hard look at yourself, you thug-happy bully.
    You’ll know in your heart where the sin truly lies.

  7. Nefiqala says:

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  8. captian gustav shortypants says:

    pirates rock i bet this guys a dirty ninja lover

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