Great gonads of BROWN magic

Published August 31st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

What is with this gimmick and putting a spaghetti monster on a Christmas tree? That is what spouted me off. Oh yes, people put their pets on as decorations now and now, a spaghetti monster for a tree topper? Say what? What is with the emails? What? You can’t read?

I am mad. That is why statues of Mary weep. You don’t know me from Adam, but where I come from the spaghetti monster on top of a tree is just WRONG. Anyhow, I pray for miracles like the Drew St. miracle.


29 Responses to “Great gonads of BROWN magic”

  1. Halbie says:

    People put their pets on top of christmas trees as decoration? What? That disturbs me a little…

    I think the key sentance in this email is “I am mad.” It’s telling that “mad” was used instead of the more obvious choice, “angry”. It seems like halfway through the e-mail the writer has actually decided that he or she IS the Virgin Mary, and hence that whole “I am sung about on the radio” bit. Perhaps that is the real reason the Virgin Mary statues weep… Identity theft sucks.

  2. swaiNorsa says:

    “What? You can’t read?”

    Can someone translate what he’s saying to me? I can’t read ’cause I’m illiterate.

  3. Secret says:


    Having read the other three, I can only come to the conclusion that they’re using a random letter generator now.

  4. Mythos says:

    You really should consider checking into a sanatorium if you think your post made any sense what so ever. I agree you are quite mad, totally and completely insane; either that or just too stupid & closed minded to understand the point of the FSM. If you want reverence for anything how about our reverence for the idealism of the FSM – the fact that creationism does NOT belong in public schools being taught to our children as science.

  5. Allen says:

    Probably the best part of this letter is that it made absolutely no sense.

    Dont start typing up random letters when you have’nt even leared the basics when it comes to writing a letter.

  6. YAY says:

    another lunatic, come to send funny and random emails to all those devoted pastafarians out there


  7. Declanation says:

    What bleeding crap radio station does he/she listen to?

  8. jism says:

    oh that song! yeah he’s the baddest man in the whole damn town..everybody!..badder than a ol’ king kong, meaner than a junkyard dog..whoa! evidently he has a thing for or against jim croce as well.

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