Good or bad? I saw

Published March 25th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Good or bad? I saw on your website that you have 100 to 200 emails a day, so who knows how much cash you must be raking in from corny merchandise. However, your religion is not one that i would like to follow. You put down a lot of theories, like Christianity and Darwinism, but frankly, even you are a small, small fish in a big ocean. Take Catholics for instance. Do you have a small country entirely devoted to the worship of your god? I didn’t think so. To me, your religion is just a corny spinoff of Christianity, a relatively well founded one. Since you will probably take no notice of this email anyway, I had better stop wasting my time. Just remember, You arent really as big as you assume. -Zak PS: I could start poking holes in your corny theory on request, but that would just be unsporting.

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  1. MaleficentZ says:

    Good idea! I think a small country should be formed with FSMism as the state-sponsored religion. Bobby could be its Pope.

  2. Iranian_Stallion says:

    I second the motion to get ourselves a country…but why a small one? I think Canada could quicly be converted. Plus if its Canada I don’t have to move.

  3. Jack Sparrow says:

    I third the motion
    P.S. I could poke holes in your theroy aswell.

  4. Cyberatog says:

    Darwinism? Religion? What did you smoke?
    You can’t poke holes on FSM, since FSM changes so much on facts noone can ever prove anything.
    The romans persecuted the christians, and who worships Jupiter now? It will all happen again, but with Pastafarism raising above all others, and this time, the world will be ours, forever, matey!
    Harrrr! Sink thar land-lubbers!

  5. Conragio says:

    >Do you have a small country entirely devoted to the worship of your god?

    No we have a decent sized country devoted to FSM, it’s called Italy and we even let your God’s have a country there because we’re tolerant of other’s beliefs.

  6. Me says:

    see, now thats better, poite hate mail. I’m glad people take the time and effort to slag off our religion properly.
    P.S having a country devoted to pastafarism is a wonderful idea, i think it should be Luxembourg, (i hope i spelled that right.)

  7. Homo narrans says:

    well, this one may be a polite dumbass who is incapable of recognising satire, but he is still a humourless dumbass.

  8. alsachti says:

    Italy gave a part of Roma to Christianism and nothing to the other religions ! That’s unfair !!!
    Each district of Roma should be attributed to a religion : Monti for Judaism, Trevi for Buddhism, Borgo for Hinduism, Regola for Pastafarism, and so on…

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