Flying Spaghetti Monster? Hah! More

Published March 25th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Flying Spaghetti Monster? Hah! More like Flying Stupid Monster! It’s morans like you who give religion a bad name. I stumbled across your site in my wanderings and was ASTOUNDED at the lack of piousness and intelligence. ASTOUNDED. But you will pay for your sinful ways in the afterlife. The one and TRUE god will roast you on a SPIT!.

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  1. jesus christ says:

    @calum, hairy scotsman
    i see your point on making fun of religions. i make fun of religion all the time and most of what i say is true, yet i am aim it at the the fundamentalists and for the christians and people of other religions with common sense i will say that i respect their view of the world.
    i’m sorry to ask this, but your sister was thought to be a witch? are you referring to the salem witch trials or something that actually happened. i don’t mean to sound like i’m making fun of you (which i’m not for you are a cool guy), but what happened to your sister?

  2. El Peatieablo says:

    Did religion have a good name to begin with or something?

  3. Etay says:

    What a horrible attempt at an insult.

  4. Stereotypical Environmentalist... says:

    I certainly do love tollerance.

  5. Commodore Angryy says:

    Remember people, the one true god only roasts us on a spit because he loves us.

  6. Count Crisco says:

    “Hah! More like Flying Stupid Monster!”
    Wow! That must have taken a long time to think of!
    “God will roast you on a SPIT!”
    You sound more like a Satanist to me…
    P.S. How can you spell piousness but not moron? “It’s morans like you who give religion a bad name.”

  7. ME DUH says:

    I didn’t know God had a spit! He must have stolen it from Satan! Is it just me, or have the 2 switched places?
    And yeah, it’s “piety” not “piousness”, genius. What a “moran”.
    Don’t worry, religion doesn’t need our help to give it a bad name!

  8. Trevor says:

    “The one and TRUE god will roast you on a SPIT!”

    may the FSM have pity on this man’s poor soul… but the FSM will certainly not roast anybody on a spit, because FSMism is one of the few religions that tolerates all. For FSM’s sake… this is SO hilarious.

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