Flying Spaghetti Monster? Hah! More

Published March 25th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Flying Spaghetti Monster? Hah! More like Flying Stupid Monster! It’s morans like you who give religion a bad name. I stumbled across your site in my wanderings and was ASTOUNDED at the lack of piousness and intelligence. ASTOUNDED. But you will pay for your sinful ways in the afterlife. The one and TRUE god will roast you on a SPIT!.

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  1. Me says:

    I’m afraid i can’t rot in a hellish afterlife and be roasted on a SPIT because, sadly i am not a Christian.
    Poor me……….

  2. Homo narrans says:

    is it possible he means piety?
    or does being a christian somehow give you a supernatural affinity for the Greek letter Pi?

  3. Penne says:

    -chapter 5 is done.

  4. Calum, hairy Scotsman says:

    I think all this is incredibly cool and funny. I’m a very cynical person with a long history of failing to get on with organised religion, and finding a religious website that A) does not take itself seriously and B) probably shouldn’t be taken seriously simply because it is a spectaculrily funny joke, to be a breath of fresh air.

    Thankyou, every Pastafarian on the Net. You made this depressive Scotsman smile.

    As to the bible-basher who began this thread, I say only:

    He died 2000 years ago,

    Get over it.

  5. jesus christ says:

    hey man, don’t make fun of my death. i died for your sins man.
    jk, i don’t know what was so great about the death of jesus. you have sympathy for his death, but it’s not like he was the ‘only’ person to be on the cross

  6. jesus christ says:

    thanks for your support, calum

  7. Becca says:

    Im a christian and obviously believe in God, however i think its good that people are starting to think there are other possible ways that the earth was created! So FSM should keep going! woo
    becca xx

  8. Calum, hairy Scotsman says:

    I love parodies of all forms; it’s an amazing world in which we live. My dad often said that it’s differences that make life interesting, and it’s kinda been my personal philosophy since the idea sank into my head.

    OK, I take the mickey out of the Christians a lot; that’s for a reason. My elder sister has had verbal abuse and in fact stones flung at her due to rumours that she is a witch, and even now the Vatican still hasn’t apologised for the witch-burnings. Until they do, I reserve the right to dislike them and crack jokes about them.

    Pastafarianism, on the other hand, strikes me as what Dad calls ‘good clean fun’ – and a nice spaghetti bolognese is definitely easier to digest than cardboard-flavour biscuits.

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