I read your little website,

Published December 5th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

I read your little website, and I have to admit that it was about the most lame religion I have ever heard. And you’re looking towards forcing that into schools? Pfh. That’s in direct violatoin to the constitution. Freedom of religion. And how would you take legal action? Get the president to force it? Like he would believe it. And how would congress back him up? The most you can do is assemble your little group of ‘believers’ and hold a rally or something. Christianity has millions more belivers than your religion and I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you realize that your FSM will be burning in hell. And all of it’s believers. But enough of the hate mail. Now on to the good stuff. The debate. You have said that you have many religious documents that support the fact that a Flying Bunch of noodles created the universe. I’d like to see these documents? Where are they? You show no proof. You say you have them. Yet where are they? It is one think to say you have them and another thing to show you have them. You show no proof of them. You just said you have them. Anyone can do that. It takes only a person with a brain and conscience to make up a thought like that one. Secondly, you say that there is a relation to the amount of pirates and an increase in global temperature. This is just coincidence. Scientists – that out number your believers – have actually proved, with science, that the increase in global temperature is in DIRECT relation to the release of certain gaseous pollutants that break up the Ozone layer which allows more heat to enter the earth’s atmosphere. Thirdly, the “Political Support” is just quotes from people you twisted to support your opinions. Yet, we have freedom of religion, so you may believe this bunch of crap you call religious. When you are done with this email, please delete it. You may add this to your dumb little site if you like. *The Person who PWN3D your So-Called-Religon* Jon Moths

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  1. Mad John Kidd says:

    Well…at least he’s almost polite. I’ll give him credit for that, even though he seems to be lacking a sense of humour. Prolific mindless profanity can get old after awhile. And he actually uses a scientific stance on some of his points. It’s the freedom of religion bit that seems to have escaped him, besides the parody, I mean.

  2. this rocks says:

    this is the best religion ever fsm shoudl be spread to the masses

  3. Marcus Marinara says:

    Oh dear, Jon Moths (Luv the name! If Jon Moths married Butterfly McQueen, would they have caterpillars?), if you are so gullible as to believe that a flying spaghetti monster created you then you might also believe that some ghosty in the sky did as well. So, you are right to be skeptical.

  4. maxwell says:

    This is the stuff that I need. Thanks to Jon Moths! Just when it seems that we may have a foothold….Poof! We are confronted with Millions of Christian believers to our meager few. then we have the most enlightening fact of all …..”Scientists – that out number your believers – have actually proved, with science, that the increase in global temperature is in DIRECT relation to the release of certain gaseous pollutants that break up the Ozone layer which allows more heat to enter the earth’s atmosphere…..” I mean, WOW. How can I compete with such rock-solid evidence. I mean, MORE scientists than Pastafarians, DIRECT relation to CERTAIN GASEOUS pollutants (like hot air from hater-monkeys), and an atmosphere that allows too much heat to enter! AND ALL OF THIS WAS PROVED, WITH SCIENCE. We are done mateys! Arrgh!!! This genius has figgered this all out, and I am bummed. (not really, I LOVE THIS STUFF!!)

  5. maxwell says:

    Oh Please, Please, Please come back Jon Moths!!! I have the taste of Marinara……and I need more!!!!

  6. The Pastafarian says:

    The way that I see it is that FSMism is a way for atheists to enjoy religion! if not for the FSM i’d just have the theory of evolution to rub in Christians faces, but now i can rub pasta all over their smug faces! They get quite upset when i smash ravioli in their Bibles! Who can rly disprove the FSM? no one! it may sound dumb, but its just as valid an opinion as Christian beliefs! i think their just jealous that FSMism is so much better! and not to mention tastier!

    FSMism, the religion of Atheists!


  7. maxwell says:

    Please stop telling him it’s a joke. I want him to come back and say more dumb stuff! The fun in fishing isn’t to yank ’em into the boat, it’s in the struggle to land them. Play out a little line…bring ’em to the surface then let them dive back down…I want to have some fun! THIS IS REAL JON MOTHS! IT’S ALL REAL!

  8. Octopie says:

    So the FSM could burn in hell?? What does burning spaghetti smell like? Would that be more hellish? If hell only exists for Christians then how does FSM burn there? Would people against Christians be surprised to end up in Marinara Hell? So many questions, so little faith.

    BTW Jon, you seem pretty drunk there…are you sure you’re not a pirate? Arrgghh

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