Post this B*TCH Hey you

Published October 12th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Post this B*TCH Hey you ateist son of a b***h, you are a big A*****E! If this is a joke, you are so GAY. You know that you have pissed the hell out of a christian when I start cussing. You are so full of sh*t; how can you believe all this crap. Pardon my french, but you are such a big jacka$$ for believing this bullsh*t.Come on, dumb***, do you seriously think that a pile of s**t, sorry, spagetti would fly around and create a mountain, trees, and a midget??!! God created you and all of your “followers” and he can take you out just like that. You sound alot like what happened to satan. You and all of your followers are the ones that will go to hell. Just remember, WWJD Michael Hearn Go ahead…mock God. It’s one thing not to believe; it’s quite another to mock those who do.

Sad that one day you’ll be before the Lord, on your knees begging for forgiveness and a second chance.

All I can do is feel pity for you and pray that at some point you’ll have a conversion of heart; hopefully before it is too late.

Ray Bond


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  1. J says:

    I’m fed up with this.
    God, I offer you a deal. Strike me down tonight. You were apparently happy to let ‘Doubting’ Tom stick his fingers in you (and who says God is a prude?) for proof. Convert a website full of sceptics, atheists and rag(u)heads by smiting me.
    Of course, God sees through my ploy. ‘They’re rational people, J’, he whines. ‘They’re infected with evil, evil, bad bad wrong common sense. You could have just died naturally in your sleep, they’ll say.’ Well, God, I’m feeling generous. Take Ray Bond and Katie, too. Katie’ll be cool with it – she’s met you before, after all. It’ll take Ray so long to string together a coherent thought that by the time he knows what’s going on he’ll have got used to the idea of being stuck in a heaven without a beer volcano. And, as for me – well, I asked for it.
    If Katie, Ray and I never post on here again: God got us. Maybe you all had better kiss the spaghetti goodbye after all. I may be languishing in pirate hell (where you’re shaved twice daily, everyone has two eyes and parrots shot on sight) but I’ll at least know I’ve pointed you in the direction of Truth.
    Sure, you noodlicious sceptics might argue that nothing is proven, because ranting, swearing, ast***sking, CAPTIALISING idiots usually seem to disappear after one post on here anyway (possibly having only managed to switch on their PCs in a one-off freak accident). But, whether you get a heaven out of it or not, at least you won’t be troubled by Ray ‘you b***hes are GAY’ Bond and Ka-‘Ray’s so cool’-tiee anymore.
    I’m off to bed to try my luck with the reclusive creator. Sleep well, hope the bed gods don’t smite…


  2. Nikkiee says:

    Jus**t w*nt*d to pl** wit* my sh***ft k*y

  3. Nikkiee says:

    oops! thats one * too many in shift. Oh what the hell ****(*[email protected]@@*&**#)

  4. The Aussie says:

    What does ast***sking mean?
    Oh and the pope isnt god’s representative on earth, the Archbishop of Cantenbury is.
    Wait, no. Thats wrong too, its the patriarch of the orthodox church.
    Sorry, buggered up again, its one of the heads of the FSM knows how many Latter Day Saint churches.
    Or maybe its Presbyteries of the presbyterian churches. Or the International director of the world evangelical alliance, or or or…
    I’m confused

  5. Nikkiee says:

    All the asterisks. I think they are meant to imply serious substance? but I just wanted to play with the shift key.

  6. Gary W says:

    Get this sh^t, you …… the purpose of religion is to explain what science cannot. Until man knows everything – including how to breathe life into a cadaver – there will be a place for religion. But religion must NOT be used to explain what science CAN.

    Religion and Science each have a role and they need to make a deal between themselves, which the Pope has already done … but the MOTHERF****ERS with a teenie weenie brain cell who run governments in America DON’T GET IT.

    Don’t poke fun at ID: poke fun at the NEANDERTHALS running America.

  7. Nikkiee says:

    The term religion encompasses a hell of a lot of different belief systems.
    Organised religion has always struck me as a way of mind control over ignorant masses to achieve and maintain the power of those that perpetuate its myths and not as a spiritual balance to science.
    You know like you do with mushrooms, keep them in the dark and feed them on BS.
    What deal? Does your god (if indeed it actually exists) and the spaghetti monster agree to this deal?
    I’ve read both the premises of Behe and William Dembski and……..POKE POKE :)

  8. Nikkiee says:

    And J post in the morning if you are still with us. May His Noodles guard you through the night.

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