Post this B*TCH Hey you

Published October 12th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Post this B*TCH Hey you ateist son of a b***h, you are a big A*****E! If this is a joke, you are so GAY. You know that you have pissed the hell out of a christian when I start cussing. You are so full of sh*t; how can you believe all this crap. Pardon my french, but you are such a big jacka$$ for believing this bullsh*t.Come on, dumb***, do you seriously think that a pile of s**t, sorry, spagetti would fly around and create a mountain, trees, and a midget??!! God created you and all of your “followers” and he can take you out just like that. You sound alot like what happened to satan. You and all of your followers are the ones that will go to hell. Just remember, WWJD Michael Hearn Go ahead…mock God. It’s one thing not to believe; it’s quite another to mock those who do.

Sad that one day you’ll be before the Lord, on your knees begging for forgiveness and a second chance.

All I can do is feel pity for you and pray that at some point you’ll have a conversion of heart; hopefully before it is too late.

Ray Bond


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  1. Scott says:

    I’m happen to believe that IF Jesus exists, he’s laughing at all of this. (Either that or jerking off at it.)

    Oh God! How DARE we have a little fun on this Earth?!

    Lighten up, you “fundamentalist” bitchers.

  2. Pirate Kat says:

    Ah yes profanity is always the sign of wit and capitalizing makes you worthy of note. Perhaps you would like some additional commas to further increase your impact? I do fear that I am an ateist because I have eaten noodly appendages in my life. The great one does give himself freely to the hungry so they may live. In your short three paragraphs you have insulted a religion, female dogs everywhere, a lifestyle style, a nationality, midgets and Satan. I thought Christians were suppose to be understanding people that turned the other cheek and did not judge others, that after all is God’s job. Does your god know you are threatening other gods and their followers in her name? Do you often do this? Have you no fear that perhaps your human brain can not understand all of a gods plans and you may in fact be standing in the way of your god’s biding? It is interesting that you mention a “conversion of heart” this conversion you speak of is it to turn us into warmongering close minded people? Haven’t we had enough of that for that last 2000 years? How many more people must die in your god’s name?

  3. The Sharpie Wizard says:

    Thank you Kat!
    You know it’s a merciful god when his/her/its followers are most certain their god will damn us to an eternal suffering.

  4. One Eyed Jack says:

    It’s said that anger is an indication that a point has hit a little too close to home… As to burning in hell, if the Christian heaven is filled with people like this, I’ll take hell and count myself fortunate. However, unless I die an unexpected death, heaven and hell are a long way off. Until then, relax … have another beer… more pasta anyone?

  5. Ponder-er says:

    Know what would be cool?
    Pasta made from beer!
    or Beer made from pasta!
    Sorry if this is blasphemious.
    oh and I ***** YOUR **** **** WITH A ****** *** * ****** ON TUESDAY!

  6. great gazoo says:

    From what I have seen on this site. Bible school is not big on grammer or spelling.

  7. Soozin says:

    Well, I for one am completely convinced. Yup. I think I’ll just go to the nearest evangelical church, stand up and be “saved”. I’m just ashamed of all these eloquent non-believers. I mean, whomever thought of questioning establishment? Ray, congratulations. Your brilliant, kind-hearted, empowering oratory has made a believer of me. What on earth were we THINKING, straying from God’s side? Tool.

  8. NowtheworldhasMeaning says:

    Ray Bond


    You Big cock, do you seriously think Mary was a virgin? Or

    That Jesus was resurrected?

    Because if you do then you are GAY, in you own words, what a serious pile of shit the bible is, I mean come on us atheist have proven it wrong time and time again. The pope (Gods so called representative on Earth) even says that evolution is correct or in his words undeniable.

    And what do the theists say, “Oh Jesus actually lived”
    no one is denying he may have been a real person but Son of God, virgin birth, what total crap.
    That is the best you guys have to offer, some weak crap that you actually got a name correct, well done!

    The belief in God is basically whistling in the dark, it may give you cmfort but it is not true, Atheist sssk the truth not comfort.

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