I’m still waiting for my

Published October 20th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

I’m still waiting for my winter coat to grow so that I can know that I’ve fully acclimated to my surroundings ;you know,like my dog does.Obviously the apes have evolved more than us because they don’t have to make coverings for themselves anymore.It must be nice to be an ape and not have to worry about getting your zipper stuck. Paqtrick8

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  1. James D King of Pirates says:

    someone should teach them to do up a zipper, i didnt know that kindergarten dropouts could write letters.

  2. ME DUH says:

    I think he was trying to be funny, but I’m not quite sure…
    Paqtrick8, we evolved to have no fur because primitive humans were nomadic hunter-gatherers, then later farmers, who left when the weather got too cold or too hot. Learn something about evolution before you make stupid posts.
    And who the hell cares about your zipper?!? Seriously, what ARE you smoking?

  3. Justin Lee says:

    someone likes it a little hairy, if ya know what i think :D

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