Hey, I personally stand for

Published October 1st, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, I personally stand for Intelligent Design. But that aside, my understanding of the ID case is that it’s not explicitly Christian or even Biblically based. It’s not a theory of “intelligent design of the Christian (Biblical) God” but merely, “intelligent design” so if you truly believe in an intelligent flying spaghetti monster (ignoring the sarcasm), I pose a question for you: “Why don’t you support the ID movement?” Afterall, your theory of FSM would be a form of ID. Correct? But since you don’t truly believe in the FSM and the very point I made would probably be made in court, it should be obvious your ploy can’t go far. Even on the grounds of “separation of church and state” since no specific church is ever implied. You seem to be an active man, politically involved and (if your stance is an honest one) support the teaching of truth. So I ask you to put aside political prejudices for a moment and think honestly. While you and many brilliant scientists believe in evolution, I and many brilliant scientists (like Allan Rex Sandage) do not. So in the educational and intellectual fields shouldn’t all VALID and SUBSTANTIATED theories be taught, or do you wish to indoctrinate students and ultimately bring yourself to the level of tyrants and dictators? I don’t write you in anger or spite, but rather as a fellow American citizen asking that you please put your contempt aside and allow our educational system to serve the purpose it should in a democratic or republican country. That is, free of personal agendas and not biased to one particularly belief system over another. Thanks for your time.

Hagen Beckstead

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  1. person says:

    wow you call yourself a brilliant scientist and still think that FSMism is the same as inteligent design?
    au contraire my “intelligent” friend
    go read the letter sent to the Kansas school board
    maybe then your “intelligent” self will actually be intelligent

  2. Pasta Dorby says:

    Well, I personally think FSM IS the same as ID, and thats the entire point. The proposed lesson plans of ID are contrary to the belief of the FSM, and any topic of ID should encompass all possible ways of Intelligent design. What is wished to be taught is simply the Christian version, with the names of Biblical figures erased to atempt to find a loophole with the Supreme Courts rulings in the past.

    Unless your going to spend hours of time teaching every possible aspect and way of Intelligent Design (Oh, theres alot of ways), theres no point, it doesnt add to current scientific knowledge, and is a waste of time, money and resources, in an already overstretched Public Education System…

    Have a Nice Day, RAmen

  3. A Concerned Fan says:


    This website has been up for over a year (I’m really not sure how old this is). You definately made your point: To protest the ludicracy and stupidity of Intelligent Design, and openly mock the Kansas School Board’s decision to back it, choosing misguided faith over science. But when you start to publish a bible based on the FSM and sponsor “Talk like a pirate day”, don’t you think that you’re taking this in the wrong direction? I did not read your bible yet, but I’m concerned that the original message is going to be lost. Was the whole point of this to start a religion, or just to mock intelligent design? if its the latter, you’ve definately gone too far!

  4. Cyberatog says:

    Gosh, some people surely doesnt understand sarcasm. Pathetic. Seriously.

  5. 200hz says:

    ID: Where did the creator come from?

    1. Nothing/was here forever- smacks of religion
    2. Evolution- so the creator evolves, but we can’t?
    3. Instantaneous Pure Chance Arrangement of Molecules- I’d rather take FSM

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