Hello, we the [xxxxxxx] people

Published October 25th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Hello, we the [xxxxxxx] people think that your theory is stupid, we think. that because people like you usa is a s screwed as it is, ur mom loves me and i reject her, OSAMA WILL EAT THE FSM!!!! How can people reach such a LOW LEVEL OF IQ to thinki that a flying spagetti monster created the universe?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, I’VE SEEN PEOPLE ON ACID SAY MORE REASONABLE THINGS THE FSM IS UGLY, THE TWO MEATBALLS LOOK LIKE TESTICLES.

p.s. do not try to convice people with yout stupidity, kill yourself and do a favor to all mankind.,

2p.s: Osama rules and all the world hates the usa

3p,s. America is a continent, not ur fucking country

26 Responses to “Hello, we the [xxxxxxx] people”

  1. Lord of the Pirate Fish says:

    yeh, you muslim guys like killing stuff don’t you? so wy not kill yourselves. it would make the world a lot quieter.

  2. El Peatieablo says:

    You’re right. I was starting to think that if one of Bin Laden’s minions was hate mailing us we were probably considered a legit religion in the Muslim world. Sadly, this is just some fundie trying to insult two peaceful groups at the same time (FSM and Islam, not FSM and Al Qaeda, by the way).

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  4. James D King of Pirates says:

    how can you reach such a low level of IQ beleiving that bad spelling is the key to a god, no, it is pasta.

  5. ME DUH says:

    @ James D King of Pirates: You’re sort of being a hypocrite there; you spelled “believing” wrong.

    Oh FSM. Bobby, can’t you report this guy to the gov’t?
    This is sort of random, but I’m thinking about terrorism now and I was watching the Colbert Report a couple days ago– Did you know that the terrorism watch list has something like 750,000 people on it now? Including NELSON MANDELA?!?!? Pathetic, right?

  6. I says:


  7. Jade says:

    @ – ME DUH –

    wow>.> you’re trolling right?

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