Hello, During the past few

Published October 12th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson


During the past few weeks it has come to my knowledge that there is a religion of the flying spaghetti monster. if he is so real why is there no veidence supporting the fact that he is real. i have decided to do some research myself and since l am a catholic i do not beleive in your shit. you fucken faggots. i think ur a fucken dumb arse that cant find a job so u decided to make a shit arse religion.and if your god is so real why wont he help one of his fellow followers that i bashed. in conclusion fuck you bobby. so please send me some eevidence of this flying spaghetti monster. -wango mango

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  1. Nostradomus says:

    Just choke and die.

  2. Mythos says:

    “if he is so real why is there no veidence supporting the fact that he is real.”

    There is no evidence that the god of any religion is real other than ones faith that it is so. Personally as a Pagan I believe the Gods exist, however this does not make it a fact. Now lets move on a bit, did you even bother to read about the FSM to see what is really being said or did you simply read a few lines here and there and start throwing a temper tantrum because some people are intelligent enough to use their free will and not follow blindly along behind others.

  3. Pasta Dorby says:

    Well, this started out nicely…. and then it just devolved into a mindless dribble.. as always..

    1) Not to promote Violence, but if you DID do as much as you said you did, I’d like to see your God save your sorry A*** when you get locked away for numerous charges against you….

    2)Please send ME evidence of your God… I’m sure I can provide you with just as much, and just as credible proof… I’m sure your’s would consist of references to a 2000 year old book, when ours is based on MODERN scientific knowledge (Why does DNA resemble 2 strands of spaghetti intertwined? Coincidence? I think not)

    3) What is the point of doing research when you don’t have an open mind in the first place to accept knowledge which is contrary to your beliefs? Your mind has already made up its mind about your beliefs, so it will naturally discredit anything which may be contrary to it, no matter how strong the argument.

    In conclusion, This IS NOT meant as an inflammatory statement, just a simple rebuttal of this guys letter.

    have a Nice Day

  4. Fumelo says:

    As if we needed more proof of the righteousness (love that word) of Pastafarianism:
    DNA resembling two strands of Spaghetti entertwined.
    Like two lovers making life.
    ~tears rolling down my face~
    Thank you, Your Noodliness, for leaving signs of your existence everywhere for us to see.

  5. spider says:

    Evidence for God?
    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours……….

  6. J says:

    Just voicing a suspicion. Writer of the comment we’re all responding to: you’re not real, are you? If you seriously meant your post, and are not just writing some kind of parody hatemail on a parody religion site, and if you are honestly paying attention to see what response you get, could you maybe let us know? I just have a strong feeling that there is no point talking to you, is all.
    I know, it’s bad enough us wanting evidence of your god to match that which you ask of ours, without me also wanting evidence that *you* exist, too. But I do. Because there are enough people who actually *want* a debate for us to be spending our time on.
    Sure, we Pastafatians may seem to have a lot of spare time on our hands. But there’s booty to find, candy to distribute and global warming to combat, too.

  7. Ozymandias says:

    Hey retard! Didn’t you see the video of the Flying Spaghetti Monster sighting in Germany? Take a look, moron. The evidence is in, and His Noodliness is as real as real can be. School’s out. RAmen

  8. captian gustav shortypants says:

    ” if he is so real why is there no eveidence supporting the fact that he is real ” the same could be said about god

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