GOD is the third element

Published October 5th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

GOD is the third element of existence.” GOD is the Soul and the Consciousness of The Universe (and the soul cannot be harmed by any form of matter and energy, and the-soul doesn’t die). The Soul of GOD is the invisible “existence-field-ether” that saturates into and throughout matter, energy, and living existence; to stabilize it; to design and create with it; and to control its natural state of chaos and disorder. Matter and energy is the “canvas” that GOD creates upon, GOD joined matter and energy together to create life, and GOD created humankind to become His Authority over life and the living things he created here. Humankind is created to be unified and connected with everything, including GOD. As a living soul/consciousness, humankind can define our own soul as an invisible entity that is the information-processing activity of our brain, that gives us the ability to understand everything, that gives us our ability of idea imagination; and, our soul does create our own unique character and individuality. When we evolve our conscious-mind to give value to the higher elements of love, faith, and belief, we will discover that GOD has been there waiting for humankind to give value to HIS-Love for us. Humankind is a living-consciousness, the Garden of Eden was Heaven on earth, and if humankind will do what GOD would do, if GOD was here, we will become GOD’S Living-Self, in reality. What Humankind should become, is what GOD is, because we are supposed to be the-proof of the existence of GOD!

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