Bobby, Firstly, i would be

Published October 5th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson


Firstly, i would be lying if i said i understood anything about this religion, however whilst i agree with many that you are all probably insane,delluded or stoned, i cant deny that what you believe in must be respected, after all dont we all wish our beliefs to be respected? Iam not that much of a religious person, though do believe in a god, and whos to say what god looks like?? And i admit the christian view of a god that is benevolant, yet allows suffering, does seem like the rest of the religion, to have loop holes. Just in your case , your god is a bowl of pasta, which i admit is not the best thing in trying to get people to take you seriously. However i do believe very strongly in science and so cannot agree with you on your “interpretations” of how pirates stop global warming, it seems as if your trying to do good through superfluous means, its like saying eat cheese and the sun will never burn out…it jus doesnt work . Still best of luck to you all – sam goddard

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  1. Alchemist says:

    I needed a piss! What can you do?

  2. Etay says:

    Thank you, Sam, for not yelling.
    One thing I would like to point out is, people believe that God will solve all their problems, then when their problem is not solved, they think they themselves did something wrong, and later on, try to become closer to God.
    This creates an endless loop-like-object (which, if drawn on paper, would obviously resemble His Noodlyness Himself.) which can drive one insane. Maybe not, but ah well- it sounded good.
    May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage, Sam.

  3. captian gustav shortypants says:

    this one didnt cuss like a sailor

  4. Peter Lugers Steakhouses says:

    I agree with your points , wonderful post.

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