Am I a religious nut

Published October 19th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Am I a religious nut for saying the computer had an intelligent designer.

I’m new to the debate, What if the kids in the science class room ask how the computer got there? Do I mention Darwin then, or start digging for fossils of previous computers.. Hope there is no gas line, that had to be created to so I guess I’m ok.

Dang, that shovel had to be designed too. If I got that at Kmart I can tell the kids it must evolved out of the screw driver, over a couple blue-light specials.

How did the blue-light get there Mr Jason? I can here it now. Jason Buehler

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  1. Justin Lee says:

    can someone please give me the page number to the bible that says
    “evolution is a fucking myth, and i as your lord created all living life as it is. everything was provided for you humans to discover. a game i made called hide and seek. i hid all the dinosaur bones and created carbon 14 dating to fool you dicks into thinking that you can really age a rock. and i want you all to experience war as a disctraction to further discoveries”

    well ive never heard of that but science itself does have a way of discoverying connections as to support evolution.
    explain to me in full datail, and in text cuz i dont want a winny bitch to explain, how is it all the organisms got here on earth, and the age of the earth is definately more than 10,000 years. i know someone who believes that.

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