This is crazy… I hope

Published September 1st, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

This is crazy… I hope to god no one believes this at all… What magic crack you on dude? lol

YOU are a freak! Oh a DUMB one at that! You don’t know anything about intelligent design, (mainly because it takes an intelligent being to understand). I guess that leaves you out! – Greg Kent

Hi Bobby, I am totally receptive to your way of hiding from the truth. Till I had a real GOD encounter I thought…….well, nothing like you. I pray the next time you eat Italian you will have a revelation by the Holy Spirit. Be Blessed, JB

The problem you people have is that your understanding of theory doesn’t make sense. Basically you understand the universe coming into existance by “chance”. The thing that gets me is that you can’t show me a handfull of chance anymore than I can “prove” or show you God. Your theory basically states that, in a sense that a magician pulled a rabbit out of his hat without a rabbit, a hat, or even the magician himself. That’s really a great idea that can be proven??? When did this process stop? why aren’t the monkey’s at the zoo walking out to buy a house and get married and the rest? Where are the creatures coming out of the water to become the next “link” Why are so many evolution scientists leaving the Darwinian view of evolution, because it’s true? Look at the complexity of your body, the formation of stars in constellations above, the way nature works in itself when we don’t scew it up. How did that happen by “chance” Believe it or don’t, whatever, but both are based on a “faith”. One a faith in nothing, the other in the creator of all. My children were born (creation formed by 2 loving parent’s in the way described in the Bible) not evolved form stuff I grew in the pond outback that became a monkey, then my child. Can I explain it all? no,(that’s why it’s faith) but your ideas in evolution don’t make sense either and take just as much faith.

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  1. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Mad John you don’t really expect this particular crowd to comprehend a single word of what you just said do you? Far too scientific! That have been taught the simple method, aka: evolution says monkeys turn into people overnight and babies grow in ponds. Simple. No question.

  2. Mad John Kidd says:

    I’m so knackered from writing up reports that I needed to vent. This site is a great outlet for pent-up frustrations. ;)


  3. Coleoptera says:

    @Mad John Kidd,
    is the rest of that Gould quote something like “the one thing we can all say with absolute certainty is that none of our ancestors died before they reproduced”.

  4. Wench Nikkiee says:

    “Why are so many evolution scientists leaving the Darwinian view of evolution, because it’s true?”
    That is rubbish spead by your everloving pastor with his hand in your pocket and his bullshit in your brain. Or have brains been bred out of existence by the fund a mentalists? I’m sure the head of your church doesn’t want you thinking too much about anything which he hasn’t advised you to. Best you just strictly follow everything in your groups, (there are many different versions by the way) version of the BooK.

  5. Mad John Kidd says:

    @ Coleoptera

    Sounds right. I also like the Dawkins quote, “The world becomes full of organisms that have what it takes to become ancestors. That in a sentence, is Darwinism.”


    @ Nikkiee

    Well said. I personally, have never met an evolutionary biologist who “converted” to ID/creationism. No telling where all these scientists are hiding.

  6. Jon E says:

    Last time I look the Discovery Institute had managed to get about 600 people with Doctorates to sign up to their list, though several of those people allegedly don’t exist or don’t have real doctorates. Were as Project Steve had over 700 people with Doctorates named Stve signed up to it and they were all able to show that their doctorates were real.

  7. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Scarey, scarey people, the jeebus fundis. They make some of the other notorious cults look tame simply by their numbers. Growing their own army of believers! Not in the pond either, mind you. This post is one of the best pieces, of the ignorance of evolution, I’ve seen on this site to date.

  8. Homo narrans says:

    “No telling where all these scientists are hiding.”
    he’s the author of the “if i were to shoot your wife” thread.

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