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Published September 8th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Maybe you should spend a little less time mocking God and get a life. This isn’t science… Sorry if Christians were trying to bring peace and hope into this world. Go ahead and spead the rest of your life resisting/mocking your creater and when you die, you’ll find soul is stuck in eternity, without God. And if that doesn’t mean anything to you it sure means something to Satan. Why don’t you go watch the Passion of the Christ or the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Oh yeah, there’s a movie you would like coming out… The davinci code. Another mock of God… -john Quintiliani

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  1. Werefox Alchemist says:

    The Davinci Code does not mock God. It doesn’t mock anything. It is a work of FICTION, which talks about the holy grail, and makes some points about the bloody things that the early Christian church did. You may want to do some historical research on your religion; it’s a lot less peaceful than you may assume. Bigot bastard.

  2. Mythos says:

    “Sorry if Christians were trying to bring peace and hope into this world.”

    This has got the be the funniest and stupidest thing I have seen in a long time. Through out the history of the Judeo/Christian religions, EVERYWHERE they have spread they have brought with them chaos and death. In my opinion Judeism,Islam and Christianity are not religions they are nothing but a disease. The truly pathetic part about this disease is that some people actually want it because they are too blind or too stupid to look at its roots and to see it for what it is.The issue here is that many of us see it for what it is and do not want it nor do we want it and the lies associated with it shoved down our children’s throats. The public education system is NOT the place for religion to be taught. Whether you call it Creationism or ID it is the same thing a dressed up version of the Judeo/Christian creation myth.

  3. Not Me says:

    The Exorcism of Emily Rose presents the viewer with a scientific and spiritual cause for Emily’s actions…
    Were you so blinded by your desire to believe that it was spiritual that you comepletely forgot that they spent half the movie convincing the viewer that it was a bout of schizophrenia?
    @ Mythos
    Thumbs up for the copy/pasted slap in the face of ignorance!

  4. Jon E says:

    One of the best tools against this kind of nonsense has always been ridicule. The church has long tried to use it against anyone who was to tough for them to take in a fight. It’s only fair that they get it done back to them.

  5. Fred says:

    @ Mythos
    Religion per se does as Mr. Quintiliani claims, if properly understood and interpreted. However, the people that would try and achieve this have historically been held back and even deposed of by those with sinister motives. Religious movements these days are usually a vehicle for the personal opinions of someone to try and adapt his chosen religious texts to his way of thinking, ususally rather extremist and intolerant.
    It is people, not religion, that have caused the destruction and devastation of entire civilisations, but had it not been for religion similar people would have waged similarily devasting wars but for better, or at least less mendacious reasons, such as land, security or resources, which is the hidden agenda of most religious wars to date anyhow.
    Religion was established sometimes to unify people, sometimes to reform other religious movements, sometimes to provide a way of recognising like minded people, and sometimes to further civilisation by giving the populace a common goal. In time, these causes have changed to manipulation of the trusting, a “valid” reason to destroy something that you might not agree with, a great way of getting lots of money very quickly, and, more often than not, a really really good way of boosting one’s ego/God complex.
    Lastly, and I’m sorry for the annoyingly long post, religion should of course be taught in schools, or else we run the risk of raising a narrow minded and intolerant society. Religion is a theology, and should be taught as such, but when “shoved down…children’s throats” it ceases to be religion, thus children must be given the education and freedom to make a sensible and educated choice about what they want to believe.
    In my humble opinion.

  6. Homo narrans says:

    i’m happy for religion to be taught in schools…just not as implicit fact and certainly not as empirical science.
    and while, yes, it is people who are ultimately responsable for their own atrocities, religion makes it awfully easy to justify said atrocities by dividing the human race into the ‘pure’ and the ‘sinful’ or the ‘enlightened’ and the ‘ignorant’ or just plain ‘us’ and ‘them’. in many religious texts, it can be implied that those who do not share your worldview are not even human (hence why the bible was used to justify black slavery). i agree with what you say to an extent – but i add that if the devil really can quote scripture to further his ends, then he doesn’t have to try very hard at all.

  7. Penne says:

    I think the devil has been quoting it for a very long time already. And as for the Passion, well, we all know about Mel now,don’t we?

  8. Penne says:

    (pssssssst, usually from the oval office.-shhhhhhh)

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