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Published August 20th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Only in a land of fairy tales and disney lands can people believe that “things” just poof “appear”.

Evolution uses monkeys, time and chance to explain how everything came to be. The fool says in his heart there is no God, so I will prove to you that you are that fool. Take the evolution theory (which is your only choice), rewind it in your mind until you get to the Big Bang…now pause. How did those original molecules come into being?

Poof, fairy tales…they just appeared out of nothing, nowhere.

Ok so who is the dummy here, me or you? I got reality on my side and you dont and here is the obvious point you missed though you stare at it everyday…: Complex objects dont appear from nothing, be it a car, airplane, computer chip they all have a designer and strenous efforts to make them, any slip in the manufacturing process screws it all up.

I have reality on my side…I believe in a Designer: God., the God of the Bible that explained creation to your ancestors and could to you but you are stubborn as heck, Id say even more then a mule.

There are NO transistionary fossils in the record (ie. half bird, half fish) The second law of thermo-dynamics conclude that everything is falling apart, not evolving into mor complex entities.

How come we still have Apes if they evolved into humans? Apes are there to show how foolish you evolutionists are.

YOu could hide behind your “I dont believe that, I simply believe in the meatball theory” Then my theory on you being a fool would be obviously clear and intact.

And if you still think you are so smart and wise,to be above a Biblical God theory, allowt me ask your wife how you really are and it should silence you.

David Dorozan

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  1. Alexa Mancha says:

    You’re right. Only in a land of fantasy can there be a thing that makes things go poof out of nothing, including himself.

  2. Werefox Alchemist says:

    Dear God, this is terribly researched and argued. Seriously. I am a thirteen year old, and I could flog your logic to death with its own rhetoric. But I won’t, cause I’m lazy.

    Just a taster of this travesty of wrong: All the apes didn’t evolve, dipshit. Only one species. And who ever said birds evolved from fish? Nobody. Life came out of the ocean, but it happened slowly. Give it a rest; you’re not impressing anybody.

    Another thing: evolution only proposes how life changes gradually over time, NOT how the universe came into being in the first place. So shut the Hell up about that. It’s not true. At least I bother to know some things about what I’m defending… perhaps you should have read a fucking book before posting this.

    Personally, I think your God is a fairy tale. So fuck off.

  3. Cody says:

    Hi, there. I go to a public school in Kansas. Can’t we all just agree that none of the theories (yes, including God) really make 100% sense when it comes to the creation of the universe?
    Werefox and Alexa are completely right: if your argument is based on causality, then God, as well as Flying Spaghetti Monster, is out. I’m still hoping for evolution to find its theory of the beginning of the universe, because, honestly, the big bang doesn’t really do it for me, either.
    And who says God didn’t create the world to begin with something small and make it evolve? If I were a god (and I know I’m not, so don’t try to point it out to me), I would enjoy starting little things and seeing where they went. What’s wrong with a little curiosity?
    So, apparently, God wasn’t very creative, was He? We have fish, we have birds, we have mammals, we have reptiles, and we have bugs. Billions of different species, right? But only, what….. five classifications that most people can think of….. six, if you count humans as non-animals…..
    I’m a Christian; I believe in God. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God couldn’t speak in metaphore. Nowhere did it say that the prophets couldn’t, either.
    I had a theory a couple years ago. It involved humankind evolving so far, that we invented time travel and had super-awesome powers and stuff (gained through TECHNOLOGY, not evil voodoo majicks). We got so smart, that we could create life. Why not? We’ve almost got the cloning thing down, don’t we?
    So we went back in time to answer proverbial questions like “the chicken, or the egg?” and “the chicken, or the steak?” and “the chicken, or the coupe deville?” not to mention “God, or the Big Bang?”
    Of course, when we got there, we saw ourselves creating the universe. Then we had a “Well, Duh!” moment.
    So we went back to the future, grabbed all the matter, energy, etc, and took it into the past, rearranged it to be The Beginning, and kinda threw some living stuff together and called it good.
    The dinosaurs weren’t doin’ too much that was interesting, so the “gods,” if you will (or if you won’t, I don’t really care much), wiped them out, and then started fresh.
    Primates were much more promising. They finally turned into humans, and the population grew. Because the population grew so much, a lot of energy had to be given up by the advanced us (in accordance with the laws of conservation of mass and energy).
    Because we liked ’em, we chipped in, every now and then. We gave some advice (burning bush, anyone?), and watched from the sidelines.
    Eventually, we kinda run outa juice, because we gave it all away. So the “gods” die. That’s why we haven’t heard much about God in a long time. That’s also why the future us didn’t run into a past, future us. Capice?
    I realize that this theory has a lot of holes. But that’s ok; it’s just a theory. It’s not my thesis, and it’s certainly not my dissertation. It’s just an idea. You remember those, don’t you? They’re ok. They won’t bite.
    While we’re not on the subject, you might just think about checking your grammar every once in a while….. Also just an idea.
    It’s just hard for me to listen to your closed-mindedness when I have empty spaces where there should be apostrophes and commas and happy little squiggly guys running around. It just makes me so sad that I can’t even care about what you’re saying.
    Another thing: You cannot seriously say “How come” and “foolish” in the same paragraph unless the latter is describing that paragraph’s author.
    Commas do not directly follow periods, to my knowlege.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    –Cody, From Kansas
    PS: FSM guys, Great job. I love the site….. Almost as much as I love the term “Pirate Regalia.”

  4. Cody says:

    Another thing: how can you even use thermo-dynamics as evidence for ANYTHING if you won’t even take time to consider evolution? Just wondering…..

  5. A Fairy Fed Up With ID says:

    One thing: is “*poof* God created the universe” any different than “*poof* something exploded and caused the universe”?

  6. nikkiee says:

    “But only, what….. five classifications that most people can think of….. six, if you count humans as non-animals…..”
    ????????????? Vegatables or minerals maybe?

  7. nikkiee says:

    Ahh….pastas. The sixth kingdom.

  8. nikkiee says:

    My imagination distracted me. That should have been the Sixth Domain: The Pasta Domain

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