Brian I would like to

Published August 1st, 2005 by Bobby Henderson


I would like to tell you that i was very offended by your letter, and would like to join the 5% that believes you are going to hell. I did not at all appreciate the way you dipict those who beleive something other than you. Jack ass. P.S. I hope your genitals fall off and are eaten by three-legged mice with squirrel tails. P.S.S Ninjas are way cooler than pirates. Jack ass.

you’re an idiot. I’ll pray for you. -Andrew Schmitt

13 Responses to “Brian I would like to”

  1. Lol says:

    Brian…? Someone didn’t do there research.

  2. FSMan says:

    when he says we don’t have any original arguments he must mean christianity, because they have been using the same arguments for thousands of years.

  3. Garrick McElroy says:

    He did enough to discredit himself. I don’t need to do anything else.

    Here’s to Hoping His Noodly Appendage touches you

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