Sorry Bobby, but I think

Published July 27th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Sorry Bobby, but I think the evolution that’s being taught in the classrooms today as “science” requires a lot of “faith”. and talk about a stretch – they take one little dinosaur bone & create an entire community of dinosaurs & present them to our children as absolute fact – now that’s unbelievable!

Besides, the REAL reason that evolution works for many people has to do with morality – if you don’t believe in God, you aren’t accountable & you can go on your merry way & do your own thing regardless of what that is…..that kind of gets messed up when you put God in the picture ya know with the Thou Shalt nots & all – people just can’t reconcile their immoral lifestyles with the holiness God requires – bottom line – that’s why it’s essential to get rid of God/Jesus at any cost. You can pretty much believe in other stuff that’s “fluffy, touchy feely” but whatever you do – don’t mention that somebody might be doing someting wrong, immoral or even “sinful”. Then you/ve really done it. I think you get the picture….. and unfortunately, so do many other Christians who have now begun to be persecuted & shunned for their faith. And yes, made fun of as if they only have half a brain in their warped little heads.

I would invite you to “read The BooK” – there are no “secrets” there – just many truths waiting for anyone willing to read them. I would encourage you to start reading the Book of John. Actually, one of the most beloved New Testament writers – Paul – was a former persecutor of Christians until he literally “saw the light”. I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with the Flying Spaghetti Monster but I can promise you that if that’s all there is in your life – there’s something missing – but the good news is that it’s easily found – for those who ernestly seek Him – the only begotten Son of God – Jesus Christ. If you don’t know His story already – please, as I suggested, start looking in the pages of that controversial book – The Bible. Thanks for reading. Pam Deehan.

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  1. Alexa Mancha says:

    evolution doesn’t require as much faith as ID, though.

  2. The Agnostic says:

    The reason why I choose to “believe” in the theory of evolution is because nobody, anywhere is claiming it to be the ultimate answer. It is only that – a theory. I personally think there’s enough evidence (EVIDENCE, not PROOF) to make me buy it as a reasonable and feasible explanation as to how life arose and developed. If someone comes up with a new theory, which has better evidence, or new pieces of evidence to amend the current theory, then I will surely buy that as well (rather than pig-headedly digging my heels in and pouting, “that’s not what I’ve been taught”) It is the ability to change one’s mind when one is proven wrong that is the key to personal growth. And cultural growth, for that matter. I’m sure I don’t need to pull out Galileo again, do I? If we were uncapable of adjusting our mindsets, then we would never learn ANYTHING. We’d be trapped in the mind of an infant for all of our lives. Which would, subsequently, be quite short, I’m sure.

    I have a good friend who is a Jehova’s Witness, and we’ve discussed religion and theology on many occasions, and during these discussions I’ve come to realize that Creationists are really uncapable of reevaluting anything they know, because they have been taught that their truth is the penultimate TRUTH. Period. What amuses me most about the Creationists is that when speaking about pretty much any topic outside of religion, whether it be politics or whatever, they’re usually open to some amount of reasoning, logic and may even listen to your arguments and try to COUNTER them rather than just dismiss them, but once the G-word is mentioned, other rules apply…

  3. Cyberatog says:

    Sorry, noone should be under Sargoth-Kuul’s reign. I know all christians love him under another name, but he will just impale you with his bony clawish fingers. Or step on you for fun.
    Btw, everyone who has read the Paul Evangelium knows he is a nut case. He probably had Sargoth-Kuul’s drool dripping down his shoulder when writing it (in fear) anyways.
    FSM eternal!

  4. Crashu says:

    Don’t contest evolution whit believing in God:

    Atheism is much older then evolution theory also. I don’t believe in personal God but it has nothing to do whit evolution I know many that believe and they are evolutionist.

  5. Stephen says:

    Hey Cyberatog do you have me info on Sargoth-Kuul? I’d really love to know more!

  6. Stephen says:

    Crap, more info…

  7. NoName says:

    Yes, tell us about Sargoth-Kuul. He sounds like an interesting person.

  8. Stevee says:

    Small problem here Pam the only controversy is in your mind
    When was the gospel of John written and when did John die, let me help you out
    John was obviously a grown man in year 0 say as a contemporary of Jesus 25.
    Theological scholars cannot agree exactly when the Gospel was written but say
    No earlier than 65AD and no later than 120AD. This may be presumptive but I would say that
    John didn’t write it. I wonder if it could have been embellished to prove a point or 10.
    Your point about one little dinosaur bone is incorrect in at least two ways. No bones have
    ever been found only fossils of bones, I’ll let you look it up in the atheists bible, the encyclopaedia.
    They have found millions of fossils, MILLIONS they can construct entire skeletons, work out migration patterns, diets and many other things, this is not theory, it hard provable fact. Go to a museum it is there before your eyes evidence not faith.
    As for needing a deity to hold my moral well being together you are a disgrace, I have the same moral code as any one else, I have never murdered anyone, but the catholic church, murdered millions in the name of your kind and benevolent god. The Inquisition is a good place to start.
    He guy who murdered the children in paradise a couple of weeks ago was a church goer.
    Jerry Fullwell fine leader for the Christian church.
    Priests who are really paedophiles.
    Don’t preach to me – Get you facts write – Understand what the FSM is about.
    And understand the difference between empirical proof and unsupportable faith

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