ok, seriousley, your taking the

Published July 26th, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

ok, seriousley, your taking the monster thing too far.

nobody cares about it stfu.

for sombody who makes “50k” a year, you sure seem desperate with merchandising your lame monster joke.

you know, science does explain alot of things for me but when it comes to the origin of life itself and the birth of the universe, science gets very shady. not that im saying “god” is the awnser but science sure as hell aint it.

anyaways, as an intelectual man such as yourself, you should have the simple common sence to respect other peoples beliefs. making a LAME joke about the the one awnser the one thing your whole pathetic life is base upon CANT awnser is a sign of how your brain is flawed. i would suggest growing up allitle and/or blowing your fucking face off with a shotgun.

fucking humans, your all pathetic. you dont know shit bitch.

Andiar Rohnds

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  1. Excelsior says:

    Capt. B,
    I think the reason Anthony Gross says FSM murders people is because he has been indoctrinated to think that all Gods do that, like his own God does.
    If you have read the Bible through you know that his God has murdered millions of people, sometimes for silly reasons like being gay, or not being a virgin, for working on the Sabath, or laughing at a bald man etc. If you want to see the long list of people God wants murdered in the Bible go to the following website:

    • Captain B says:

      Excelsior, It’s pretty clear that Bible god had some serious insanity management issues, considering he already knew every outcome at the planning stage. Fortunately, he seems to have mellowed a bit with age and now spends most of his time in the US.

  2. Excelsior says:

    Capt. B,
    The Bible God (God of Abraham) murdered hundreds of millions of people (Including children born and unborn) in his Great Flood saving only 8 Jews to repopulate the World. That means that the world population should be entirely Jews, including you and me. (The Blacks seem to have been brought here from some exoplanet by Tom Cruise)

    • Keith says:

      Among the many bizarre ideas that you tuber “Spirit Science” adheres to is the claim that Jews came from space. Perhaps Noah was not quite as he is portrayed.

  3. Captain B says:

    Yes, Excelsior, but, He does seem to have backed off a tad, only smiting New Orleans and not the whole of North America. You should be grateful for such lenience!
    I believe there were several uncounted Nubian slave girls in Noah’s service; and the Curse of Ham (apart from Ken) was that they packed the wrong sandwiches and got pregnant.

  4. Excelsior says:

    Capt. B,
    I’m very sad because the World Heritage Notre Dame just burned down! I’m also very angry with God for letting it burn down! God could wipe out the whole human race with a Great Flood but he wouldn’t give a bit of water to stop the fire. They say that God was too busy getting into bed with all those having sex to make sure they didn’t use contraceptives, so he didn’t know that Notre Dame was on fire! This God also allows tens of thousands of pedophile Priests into his Church! I can’t imagine how any sane adult could worship such a God!
    The FSM would never be like that! Ramen!

    • Keith says:

      The pope said that he was “praying for those affected”, whatever that means. Considering how filthy rich the Vatican is I’m sure they could throw a few bob into the restoration fund.

      • Excelsior says:

        There are hundreds of tons of gold bullion in the Vatican dungeons. That is why the Vatican has such a high wall. (Higher than the Great Wall in China!) Trump shoud go to the Vatican to learn how to build a wall!

        • Keith says:

          Excelsior: And there are no doubt hundreds of holy artifacts such as a couple of dozen crowns of thorns, five hundred nails and half a dozen assorted shrouds, just in case the “original” gets destroyed.

  5. Captain B says:

    Very sad, Excelsior. As you mentioned, considing it had a 24/7, omniscient, omnipotent caretaker, how could anything go wrong?
    It must have been French sin, like wanting Pollution Laws, or their failure to impail immigrant children.

    • Excelsior says:

      We now know that about 80% of the Catholic priests are either gay or pedophile! (That would be a number with 5 digits!) We never hear about this phenomenon in other religions. Why do all the sexual perverts gravitate towards the Catholic Church? This doesn’t seem to bother the Pope, he spends all his time on rewriting the “Lord’s Prayer”.

      • Excelsior says:

        Edit former post:
        Mia Culpa! Gays are not sexual perverts. I shouldn’t classify them with the pedophiles. Please forgive me. However, many of the gay priests in the Catholic Church are pedophiles!
        In some ways the gays are better than straights. Gays never rape a girl!

        • Captain B says:

          Excelsior, no child would have less issues from being raped by a priest. I have no problem with priests being any sexual orientation, just that all clients are off limit. I suspect the celibacy business has always suffered from the Clinton Defence.

  6. goalken says:

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