Nicely done.

Published June 22nd, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Nicely done. I also recognize that if you are able to write such a clear satire that you are intelligent enough to realize that the little minds you are attempting to have some impact on…with, what to most of us is so patently obvious … i.e. that their pathetic, but fearsome (based on fear, not love) beliefs are plainly stupid … will not have the desired effect. They will not get it.

But, thank you for the entertainment for the rest of us.


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  1. Pluto (Not sorry at all!) says:

    @ Old Grouch- “Aren’t you merely echoing the kind of hate mail that FSM people have been receiving?”
    No. No I’m not.

  2. PacificPam says:

    @Pluto – Naaah..by god..you know…sorry I’m ranting again

  3. Pluto (Not sorry at all!) says:

    @ Pam- So is Old Grouch! If you believe in the bible you don’t believe in science. Sorry but they are not compatible.
    You can’t say;
    1) I think the Earth is only 6000 years old (as stated by the bible) and I think it is 4.54 billion years old (as stated by science).
    2) I think all life was created as it is in 7 days and I also think that it evolved over billions of years
    I won’t both with the contradictions in the bible as I, and many others, have posted them on different threads.
    Perhaps he will claim that parts of the bible are symbolic?
    But who decided which bit are which? Surly the whole concept of god is a metaphor? So why believe any of it is true?
    Sorry grouch but if you believe in the bible your beliefs are not compatible with science. It’s just the way it is!
    Now I can’t tell you how the universe was created. Maybe there was an intelligence that started everything? But it isn’t the one that Christians seem to believe, that’s for sure.
    So by all means believe in a god if you whish, but acknowledge it would not be as depicted by any human religion.

  4. ChimmeChonga says:

    To answer Pluto-not at all. You have to realize that not all Christians are Bible thumping barbarians. A lot of what the Bible says is acknowledged(in the Bible itself) to be figurative. that and to ignore science is foolish no-matter what you believe. Not only that but just because science is not in the Bible does not mean that it can not exist within my religion. The bible was written by people who who were considered intelectuals(at the time) over thousands of years ago. They did not have the experience that we do in the 21 century. I mean, it’s not like I would completely ignore the Bible for science or vice versa. there is valuable information to be had from both. I will also admit that I do believe differently than some Christians and I am only a Christian because I believe Christ lived and died on a cross(as foolish as that may seem to others). So, you may be right in that I’m not a regular Christian, but that doesn’t mean in order to be a Christian I must be a dogmatic heathen that does not understand or enjoy certain things.

  5. PacificPam says:

    Argh, some is tired and moody…=)
    Luv ya darling…have a wonderful night of sleep.

  6. Perna de Pau says:

    @ChimmeChonga: I find your faith in gravity very surprising in someone who says he believes in science. I do not have faith in gravity, I know it exists because, even if I do not see it, I can recognise proof of its existence. The difference between faith and reason is precisely that: reason makes you analyse evidence and faith makes you believe despite evidence.
    @Pluto: I know many christians who accept science while agreeing that most of the bible (ot) is not to be interpreted literally.

  7. ChimmeChonga says:

    -Perna de Pau, not to be insulting, but you are just arguing semantics. All you have to prove gravities existance is that you don’t float away(compelling proof I will admit) and several mathematic equations, which when applied mean very little(not that I disagree with them). I do understand what you are saying, but if that is not faith in gravity then what is. Do you wake every morning and say “I can prove gravity, therefore I won’t float away when I get out of bed.”? No, you just get up and probably don’t run the math through your head. That is faith(not that I’m saying you believe in a religion).

  8. ChimmeChonga says:

    I forgot to mention that if you take book completely seriosly an literally you miss out on a lot. The same can be said of the Bible. There are several schools of thought on the Creation Story. I, like many believe this was just a way to show that God created the Earth and mankind(and woman to, don’t wnat to get in trouble). I do not think that it is the only way the universe was created, just a symbolic story. I am not saying, however, that the entire Bible is fake. Much of what has happened in the Bible has had real life examples. When written down they ended up being “miracles.” Now there lies a problem. Any educated nonbeliever(I know , I was one, and I’m still educated just so you know) would say “Without your miracles you are nothing and your religion is nothing.” This, however, only proves that their definition of “miracle” is a little off kilter. I do not requitre miracles to always be this magnificent, giant, impossible event. I see birth as a miracle, saving a life, helping someone. Call me quant but that is what I believe.

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