Nicely done.

Published June 22nd, 2005 by Bobby Henderson

Nicely done. I also recognize that if you are able to write such a clear satire that you are intelligent enough to realize that the little minds you are attempting to have some impact on…with, what to most of us is so patently obvious … i.e. that their pathetic, but fearsome (based on fear, not love) beliefs are plainly stupid … will not have the desired effect. They will not get it.

But, thank you for the entertainment for the rest of us.


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  1. Len Guini says:

    I meant Jew, not Hew. I think that might be a slur, and I didn’t mean it like that. I was typing too fast.

  2. Len Guini says:

    I meant to say Jew, not “Hew”.

  3. Len Guini says:

    And now My computer is acting screwy. It said my first reply failed to post. I’m going to stop typing now…

  4. ChimmeChonga says:

    I would like to say that the Christian belief is not stupid. However I will not call you an ignorant bastard because I will admit the majority of the Christian religion is mad up of assholes! So, if you have some problem I can understand. This is because I’m one of the only Christians I know that believes in God and science. My arguement is that how can anyone claim to know what is and isn’t. I know I cannot “convert” you(which honestly is a stupid thing to do, you don’t force a religion on anyone, it’s just rude) I do hope you will listen to me. My final argument to think about(if you feel like, I mean, it’s not like you have to) is that even you have faith in something you can’t see. It’s called gravity. And just because gravity isn’t in the Bible does not mean that I would deny it’s existence. So please don’t call me or my family stupid for what we belive.

  5. Pluto (Not sorry at all!) says:

    @ChimmeChonga- yeah but it is really. If you believe in science and God you’re not a real Christian! You are something else. I think you and others who believe in science and god should define yourself separately from Christians. The Grumpy old dude that posts here was on about something similar. If you believe in science you know most of what’s in the bible is crap, your faith needs to be as distinct from Christianity as Christianity is from Hinduism. Look at the big 3! All founded on poor morals and lies. Keep your moral code. Keep your belief in god if it brings you comfort. But recognise you are not one of them! You will feel better for it.
    Pity scientology has been used by cultist winkers. It would be a good name for those dedicated to the pursuit of god thought science. Some respected scientists have that view. They don’t believe what’s in the bible but they believe that the universe was stated by something. I was talking about this to a friend. I told him if there was a god who created the universe, it was probably as an experiment to see what would happen.

  6. PacificPam says:

    I feel used now….

  7. Pluto (Not sorry at all!) says:

    Not by me I hope?

  8. Old Grouch says:

    @Pluto – Perhaps I’m that “Grumpy old dude” you’re talking about.
    Aren’t you merely echoing the kind of hate mail that FSM people have been receiving? Only your form keeps insisting that there “must be” some form of conflict between what you refer to as “Christianity, and belief in God”, and what you call “science”; with strong overtones of an anti-Bible attitude as well.
    Perhaps, were you to actually study the subjects a bit more, you would not be quite so assertive about what others “are”, or “ought to be”. I think Shakespeare said it – in one of his best “throw-away” lines – “There are more things twixt heaven and earth than all philosophy has ever dreamed of, O Horatio.”
    Christinaity does not find them all to be necessarily mutually exclusive, or inherently contradictory.
    On another line, I have mentioned a work by two Jewish scholars, THE BIBLE UNEARTHED, by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman. This is a study by two rather well respected archaeologists; and might serve to help you differentiate between the positions of “book as an absolute, on everything” – as with Mohamed’s Qran – and “book as a collection of transcriptions of oral mythology”, at least insofar as the “Old Testament” portion be concerned.
    Not all Christians are bibliolators.

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